Frame dropping glitch PLEASE HELP

so as of June 6th 2019 my frame rate has been very low it’s been around 22 and 50 fps just started today and I usually get 120 to 150 and when i die it goes back up to 200 fps. I have all my graphics card updated and I restarted my graphics card 3D settings and the issue is still the same. When I was playing today a guy also was asking if there was anyone that had the frame rate drop cuz he only had 20 fps when we were playing as of that time I didnt have the frame rate go down my frames was normal for 3 games and then all of this started to happen. Ive done everything that I can do I dont know whats going on with Overwatch and Blizzard they have been weird as of late so I dont know whats going on. I cant play overwatch with 20 fps I dont want to play with 20 fps thats how I was when I first started playing this game.

(I had a bad laptop that could barley play overwatch and I could only get 20 to 30 fps lol)

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Is your issue related to this from the sticky threads?