FR the suspension system is actual garbage

Literally any time the slightest hiccup happens in someone’s internet they’re kicked from the match and the game literally says “cannot connect” so why the hell is it always treated like they left the game and purposefully threw? Got DC’d earlier today, lost 50 SR and am now suspended from Competitive for 20 hours.

Can we fix this before making a sequel???

so uh, where is the other half of the this story

Blizzard not need to fix anything.

First if they not changed anything, is impossiBle you get a suspension of 20 hour for only one disconnection.

Second there is no way to verify if someone disconnect for ISP problem, power outage or simple terminated the game or disconnected internet cable.

If you have an internet connection subjected to this problem so often to earn a 20 hour ban, dont play competitive.

The only good thing Blizzard can do is instead raise the time punishment, there are too many leavers, if they want to relaunch overwatch competitive they must enforce harsher rules.

Tbh the only thing I hate is when the game disconnects me and won’t let me rejoin but I’ll meanwhile still be in my party Still talking with my friend who are still in THAT game…luckily I almost never disconnect

Because the game cannot tell the difference between a legitimate malfunction and when someone does this…

I am sorry for the disconnection, but understand there are a lot of reasons why it can happen. If you experience a technical issue like a disconnection, it is important to take the time to first avoid playing any more Competitive Play matches, then try to troubleshoot the issues if your disconnection problems remain persistent. To learn more about why Blizzard still penalizes for all technical issues that causes you to leave a Competitive Match please see this post from Blizzard Customer Service:

In any case, do not stress over your skill rating, you will more likely get it back naturally as you continue to play more games.


I’m confused, what more do you need? OP DC’d, (which CAN happen) during a game.

Wait what? That’s not possible to get a 20 hour suspension for ONE DC. The highest I’ve ever saw was 5 hours for ONE. Only after 2-4 have I seen it jump that high

If this is the case then you have multiple disconnects in a short period of time or you actively leave games. In either situation, it’s best not to play competitive until you get it sorted out to prevent future problems with the games of your teammates.

The starting suspension for leaving a game is 15 minutes. More often those who say they got a one hour suspension (which is the level 2 penalty) may still be recovering from a previous leaver violation on their recently play history.

Yea that sounds right. There’s no way for one DC to result in a hard penalty with no history for the season