FPS very low for high end PC?

I’ve had this issue for a good amount of time now, at some points i’ve been able to get a constant 300 FPS regardless of whats going on, but since this has started I sometimes dip as low as 100 and usually don’t go above 200, probably around 140 average.

I play on Fullscreen, full low settings with Triple Buffering off and Reduced Buffering On. I play on a 240Hz Monitor, and the issue persists with even barebones background tasks.


GTX 1080 Zotac AMP Extreme OC’d
Ryzen 5 1600X OC’d
OW is installed on a 500GB SSD, along with the operating System
ROG Strix B350-F Gaming

Everything has checked out fine thermal-wise whenever I check it or run stresses.

dxdiag pastebin - hcZLWDh4

Honestly not sure what to do anymore, I’ve even tried the old Spatial Sound fix and uninstalled everything Razer that I could find.

Hi there Diebre,

I know performance issues like this are never fun. I hope to help out here and get things working a bit better.

The first thing I see is that Razer software is on the computer. We have seen this causing performance issues on high end computers. We have a post about it linked above.

Out side of this I see a couple overlays on the systems. I would ask that everything extra be turned off to see if there is still a problem. Things like OBS and Corsair can cause problems. Turning them off for now is a good enough test.

Let us know if this information helps my friend!


I have overlays off and have tested with most background apps completely closed. I’ll double check for Razer software as I’ve uninstalled Synapse/Chroma and manually deleted as many files as I could find, and cleaned the registry afterwards.

Thanks for the update. Adding a post here so you’ll be able to let us know how it goes later :slight_smile:

Made sure there were no Razer products connected, and got rid of every driver/file I could find. Issue still persists even with all but my main monitor unplugged, overlays are definitely off and background apps closed. As soon as I join a game with more than 1 character model it seems to drop significantly.

I can play in a private lobby and not budge from 300fps, but anything with even 1 other player loaded in drops it by at least 20, and it seems like the more models, the more it drops. I know this is how it should work, but a 100 fps drop from having a full game seems a bit too much. If I toggle on/off Reduce Buffering, Drag my FPS limit down at all and then back up, and then change my render scale from 100 -> 50 and back to 100 it seems to cap my fps again but only for about 5-10 seconds.

The description of the issue does still sound related to the Razer issue. Usually for that, the FPS is fine on the menus and during kill cams bug drops right away once you’re actually playing a character. Does that sound like your issue?

Given what’s been done so far I do believe that this would best be taken care of over a live contact. If you’re able to I’d put in a callback or live chat ticket. When you get connected ask to have it escalated over to a tech specialist.

Do you have discord on? I had this issue, noticed the discord overlay. Closed Discord and wala…

I did a quick skim of your comment and the replies. The only suggestion as have off the top of my head is to run a virus scan. I’ll still try and think of what the issue could be, since you say you don’t see any crazy processes hogging up resources, and that the thermals check out.

I’ve tested a few times with discord off, same issue. Nothing came back on scans either unfortunately. Going to try to get into live chat at some point when i’m free and see if they have any ideas.