FPS sudden constant drop?

I’m running an i7 9750 gtx 1660 TI with 16 gigs of ram, sole purpose is gaming. This shouldn’t be happening.

Can’t post pics, but my fps on startup is over 130, then drops to 5-20 constant. I’ve restarted pc, no drivers to be installed, and ow was working fine two days ago.

(only using 306 MB of my vram which is what I believe is the problem.)

Maybe this?

I actually don’t have razer software whatsoever, I went ahead and put in a ticket because i’d like to be able to play again, just odd imo


I would recommend to download and run HWmonitor before you play. Then play till your FPS drops. At that point take a screenshot of your CPU and GPU temperatures within HWmonitor. You can attach them to your ticket or upload to a site like Imgur.com and post back here in the code below:

`Link Here`

This does sound like overheating is throttling the performance of the system. We offer support on how to help resolve this Here but in the end if the issue continues the system manufacturer would need to look into it.