Fps really low, pls help

Ok so for months now I’ve played overwatch comfortably at about 100fps and starting yesterday or the day before…fps is 10-30. on all low settings and 100 renders (always have been). I’ve tried rolling back drivers, and tons of other things and can’t figure this out. pls, help. other games are fine still at higher fps.
EDIT: re-enabling the chroma settings for overwatch fixes the issue, thanks for all the help!

Scan/repair the game files if you haven’t already and maybe clear firewall rules, that usually does the trick for me.

If that doesn’t work…Well, hopefully someone else will be better help.

Naw I tried that as well. then reinstalled. neither worked.

Have you installed any bloatware?
This happened to friend who installed a free utility like an ad blocker or something (I can’t remember the product name right now ), and he did the quick install and it added bloatware that slowed his fps to a crawl.

There are many causes to low FPS and there are new and up to date details in the Known Technical Support Issues thread and the Common Technical Support Issues thread which Blizzard has provided that you should check out first. In addition, I also maintain a Maximizing your Performance for Overwatch (PC) guide which has advanced tips and tricks to squeezing out very possible Frame and get the fastest reaction times for your system. Of course if nothing in any of these resources prove useful, please start a new post (or move this thread) in the Technical Support forum and provide a DxDiag file where we can give detailed suggestions to fix your specific issues. Cheers! (^^)v

I’ve installed this thing called haste and that’s it (not sure if bloatware) and its just in overwatch, all other games are unaffected

Haste is sort of like a VPN service, which routes your connection in a more optimized connection route. That is not bloatware. It does its job well for the most part (I personally recommend the use of Killping myself when it comes to VPN services though).

I would remove that and everything it brought with it, and see what happens.
The program my friend installed was along the lines of something like that.

Untrue, VPNs can raise your ping. It simply comes down to the existing route your machine takes to the Blizzard servers.

And it’s not really the program itself but the things that come with it.

VPNs if they can’t provide a more optimized route does raise ping, but if they do have a better connection, it will lower it. Most users have no need for a VPN.

I have installed Haste before and it has no add-ons of any risk to a computer from what I can tell.

might have just found the issue to be the razer chroma thing, finneh try and see if it fixes it.

As the owner of multiple Razer products that are awesome, their software and drivers are less than that.
I turn Synapse off nowadays.

Yes, this is a very common issue right now for many users. Please report back if that does not work.

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no theres an issue where if you disable the connection for chroma settings it bugs out the fps to be stuck at 10-30, just like mine. just gatta re connect it