FPS Lagspike drops


Okay so, since I bought my new graphics card, I can run Overwatch and other games way better than before, but I keep having one of the problems I had, and I’m pretty sure it has become even worse, before i ran OW at 30-40 fps with garbage quality so, as I said, I bought a GeForce GTX 1050 and succesfully updated the drivers.

But I keep having FPS drops (lagspikes) that are really annoying and that randomly occur during matches. I normally drop from 60-70 to 40 and even 10, that’s why I’ve tried a lot of methods to try finding the solution.

I’ve already checked this post from 3 months ago where one of the devs kindly responds to a user with a similar problem.
Check it out by yourself if you need help, it’s called
-Random FPS drops January 2018
I have tried EVERYTHING in that post but i keep lagging and I dont know why.
Quick note, my internet NEVER lags and I never have internet/wifi lagspikes I’m perfectly fine with that, it’s just fps problems.

My Graphics card should perfectly handle highish quality but, trying to solve this lagspike problem, I’ve lowered every in-game setting (I don’t mind lowering the setting I actually prefer it like that) and my FPS still randomly drop.
My current OW settings are:
Everything LOW/Off if possible
75% resolution (tried out 50% garbage but still lag)
1280x800 (1440x900 which is my max still lags)

GeForce GTX 1050
Driver Version - 391.35 (always try keeping if fully updated)
Intel® Core™ i5-3330S CPU @ 2.70 GHz
5.94 GB RAM
1440x900 60Hz Monitor

I’ve had this problem for a really long time and it’s always kept annoying me…

I would REALLY appreciate any kind of support from other users with the same problem or that can solve my problem or a dev that can help me out.

Thank you for reading this and for supporting this thread.
Have a nice day. :grin:


I didn’t check it with new update that brought us the retribution event, but before that update 391.35 and 390.77 nvidia drivers had some performance issues with Blizzard games. Download 390.65 from Nvidia site and downgrade your driver.


How are your temps? 20char


Okay thank you, I’ll try that out


These standard tips can help resolve most Overwatch FPS drops:

Also here are advanced tips I have written in Overwatch’s Tech Support forum that maximize your FPS performance in the game.


Thank you a ton, I hope it definately works, otherwise I’ll just buy more RAM and try optimising more

Yep my game is way more optimised than before THANKS


yep it really sucks my computer is top of the line could always run full bore now even in low i get lag spiked at critical times and end up dying


I have same problem which is your spec?