FPS issues in comp (repost)

I’ve waited a while to see if it would fix itself but it hasn’t (i can get 250fps on epic[with new card], but only 90 in competitive). I also got a new GPU during this time. I upgraded from the Radeon RX 580 to the RTX 2080. dxdiag:
https pastebin com T1RUYau6

Might be related to the Razer Game Scanner service that’s reporting errors (can turn it off), or your Razer peripherals, depending on their driver software.

I have chroma effects enabled for overwatch, so i have to either uninstall synapse while i play overwatch or update the drivers? Because it’s working just fine in any other game mode except for competitive

I don’t use this software, but others who have followed the staff’s advice found it resolved their issues.

I uninstalled synapse 3 and installed synapse 2, it fixed it