FPS drops when launching game

Ive spent the last 2 weeks trying to fix this issue.

Any time I launch overwatch, I get about 240+ fps in the main menu, then once it loads, my FPS drops anywhere from 10-30fps and stays that way. Going into training range, or a game it does not change. I’ve changed every graphic setting, Scan and repaired. Reinstalled.

I read somewhere that NV_Cache was the issue. I deleted the folder, and after that the game ran perfect. had over 240 fps that gaming session. After that gaming session the next day the same issue occurred. There wasn’t an NV_Cache folder anymore, so I cant just delete it and play again. I havent been able to get overwatch to get above 30FPs in the last two weeks and me posting this on here is the last straw. If i cannot find a solution then im just gonna quit the game cause this is honestly annoying. I just got back from a 2year break and this is the issue I come with.
I have the most updated Nvidia driver
No I am not using Razer Products.

Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i5-9300H

We can’t assist you in this forum without at least a DxDiag.

The pastebin is : tnEu0TGG

The report does not match the information provided in your original post.

Device Name: Razer Cynosa V2
Attached: 1
Controller ID: 0x0
Vendor/Product ID: 0x1532, 0x025E
FF Driver: n/a

Problem signature:
P1: Razer Synapse Service Process.exe

Follow the steps for removing it if you’re not using it, but it appears you are (keyboard). In that case, you’d want to do the update suggested.

You may also want to unplug the tablet when playing.

It was my integrated display driver. I ended up disabling it, and now overwatch works perfectly fine.

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