FPS drops, sometimes outright freezes

For the past month or two, I’ve been getting bad FPS drops. Mostly during fights and sometimes when abilities are activated.

Just last year I’ve been getting stable 200+ on medium to max settings, but now it tends to drop to 30 during fights (I have it capped at 150).
I play on borderless windowed on low. I tried turning everything off and even lowering the render scale to 75%, did not help. The lag still happens.

ADM FX 8350 Eight-Core 4 GHz
Windows 10 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950

The temperature sits at around 65-68. I tried scanning and repairing, I tried re-installing. I tried manually updating drivers. Doesn’t seem to help. Is this normal for my setup or is there anything else I can try/

Hey there,

Do you happen to have Razer Synapse installed? If so, take a look at our Known Technical Support Issues sticky at the top of this forum.

Nope, I do not. I’ve heard about the issue with Razer, but it’s not the case for me.

Maybe it’s worth noting that my VRM doesn’t seem to go above 450mb. I heard the optimal is 600-900.

Are you able to grab a screenshot of the Network Graph (Ctrl+Shift+N) when the FPS drop happens? If you can get that and post it to an image sharing website (like imgur.com) we can take a look.

Feel free to post your DXDIAG as well.

I’d also make sure that you have the latest BIOS and chipset drivers for your motherboard, as those are pretty important for maintaining that performance in Overwatch.