FPS drops only when alive

As the title says, my frames are completely trash when I’m alive and moving around (even in the training room.) however, when i die, my frames go to it’s usual 160 range, but then drops again once I respawn. I’ve tried repairing the game, reinstalling my graphics driver, and even rolling it back just in case. I’ve also tried running other games, and they work as intended. It only seems to be in OW. Any ideas what could be the cause for this? My specs are below:

Gigabyte 970a-ds3 motherboard
AMD FX 8320 clocked @ 4.0Ghz
16gb of DDR3 clocked @ 1866mhz
800w PSU

I am having this problem aswell and I can confirm it is only for Overwatch. I hope there is a fix for this soon because I want to play the game during the event.

Same here. I’ve got the exact same problem since today and tried too to repair files and reinstall drivers. Really weird and hope a solution will pop up soon /:

we are a lot to have this issue …

If you do have Razer Synapse, try uninstalling it. Razer Synapse seems to be the problem for everyone right now. If you look at some closed threads you will see thats the issue they all had. I uninstalled it and my fps are perfectly fine again.

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Worked for me ! BIG thanks dude :smiley: It’s true though that my Razer Synapse wouldn’t start recently

You don’t understand how livid this makes me when I literally spent an hour and some change just configuring the lighting setting on my new keyboard. Game is working now, but now i can’t do a thing about this rainbow keyboard lmao

why does Razer have to be the cause of the issue? Because I kind of enjpy having the custom lighting for my keyboard tbh, I really dont want to have to install it…

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