FPS drops on GTX 1060


I’m getting pretty severe FPS drops lately when the action gets intense, or even when I go into sprays menu in the Hero Gallery. This is new and I am not at all sure what caused it, unless it was one of the recent Windows 10 updates. Here are my system specs:

Windows 10 64-bit (of course)
16GB DDR4 RAM 2133
Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5
I don’t know if it matters, but a lot of my page file is being used (14567 MB used, 4124 available)

It’s a laptop, should that matter. I’ve done everything I can for optimization but nothing seems to be helping. This is a recent problem and I have no idea what is causing it.


Hey! I had the same issue, ever since some windows update. There was a setting in BIOS that changed, a powersaving setting. It basically shut down my frames in OW because it took too much power, even though I was connected to power the whole time. You should have a look in your BIOS, or have a friend help you, cause that’s a messy place. Good luck!


Do you know what setting you had to change?


I also have fps drops too. i have a 1060GTX, i7700hq, 16gb of ram and before i had 130-170 fps now i have 90-110. Anyone have a solution?


Same computer - Same problem… Wish I knew a solution, I’m eagerly waiting to hear one, this game is fun to play, just wish i could play it.


These standard tips can help resolve most Overwatch FPS drops:

Also here are advanced tips I have written in Overwatch’s Tech Support forum that maximize your FPS performance in the game.


None of those things have appeared to help. I am not sure what’s causing this issue but it’s quite frustrating, because I’m pretty sure the hardware is more than enough to run this game at high settings flawlessly—it used to do so for a long time, in fact!


Intel i7700 16 gbs RAM gtx 1060 6GBS ,I was running the game on high with 160-180 FPS on average, now from couple of days , I get 85-120 FPS and I have no idea why, My settings are the same as before.


I’m still getting severe FPS drops and I can’t understand why. The laptop is not overheating. It’s not consistent, but it is happening and it’s very frustrating.


Currently having the same issues. nothing is helping and its become very frustrating D:


Bumpimus Prime.

Any tech support here? It’s really bad today and I have no clue why. It for a long time didn’t do this. My system more than meets the specs. I’m not at all sure why this suddenly started happening.


Hey GaiaFirebird,

Windows updates can cause a bit of weirdness with what settings it enables automatically. Something that has been a recurring theme is the Xbox DVR being enabled with each update. That said, I’d also like to cover some possible power management optimization we can try - especially since this is a laptop.

Disabling Xbox DVR

CUDA and Power Management

  • Right click the desktop.
  • Click NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • Select 3D Settings > Manage 3D settings.
  • Locate CUDA - GPUs.
  • Check the box to only use the Nvidia card, unchecking all others.
  • Scroll down to Power management mode.
  • Click where it says Adaptive and change it to Prefer maximum performance.

A quick caveat though, this may drastically impact battery life. We generally recommend being connected to an outlet or power supply when playing on a laptop, but I figured we’d mention just in case.



none of this will help ofc, because problem isnt hardware or software.


What is the problem?


My FPS has been dropping more and more with each update. I have already done everything (uninstall game, drivers, other programs, etc etc etc). It’s only this game that I have issues with. When I started playing, I was able to maintain solid FPS with no drops at above my monitor’s rate. Now, it goes below it whenever there is any sort of combat. I checked and checked… it’s not on my end. I hope Blizzard is working on some sort of optimization patch after the summer event is over. Also, I heard console players are getting below 30 FPS. :frowning:


If you tried the Blizzard suggestions and it’s still not working, provide us with a dxdiag so we can help

Use pastebin to share the lengthy file if you don’t mind.


I had a FPS dropping problem as well. I wasnt getting nearly the fps as i used to and figured out it was b/c of the “Nvidia Experience” download. I installed the latest driver without installing that and my fps was back to normal. Nvidia experience thing is super annoying