FPS drops in Games

I have played this game for years and it has only gotten bad the past few seasons. This is a game I can and have ran at 100 to 150 frames and now it barely runs 30 to 60.

I browsed the forums and found that razer chroma caused some issues(we are up from 15 to 30fps). What is the deal?

Are you certain there are no residue Chroma files left on your computer?

I’ve found that Discord with enabled overlay decreases FPS to 30. After I disabled overlay everything works fine.

I don’t run discord unless I have to so that wouldn’t be the issue and yes I removed all razer software to check this issue.

source: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #16 by Drakuloth

If you need more help after that, I recommend opening a ticket, because the staff can collect more data that you won’t want to share on the public forum.