FPS Drops in game

I run Overwatch on windows 7, 1080p at lowest settings

PC Specs:
i7 4790k (4.0 ghz)
16 gb ram
Geforce gtx 760
samsung 850 EVO SSD

I play at FPS capped at 160, but sometimes it seems to drop really bad or stutter. Didn’t used to do this, probably started doing this about 6 months ago.

I am thinking the issue is ram or GPU… Although it seems to happen regardless of whether or not I have other programs open.

Are you using any Razer devices that rely on Synapse?

THanks for response but no.

I am not getting that bad of drops but the gamer definitely stutters, could it just be that a 760 gtx isn’t enough to get above 144 FPS constantly and that feels like stuttering?

Well mine is gtx 960M and my FPS is not reaching even 30

I think that is possible, but you could contact the staff directly via ticket and get their thoughts also.

I don’t need their opinion just thinks the game. Oh I forgot you are all delusional there that’s why you think that the game is working properly. You are blaming our computers then it’s their fault your updates are crap. Other companies if they see something not working they fix it right away. Valve fixed CS:GO in 24 hours. Blizzard can’t fix the game in 5 days. I know I’m the only one talking but if this game doesn’t fix today after the update I’m gonna delete it and sell it.