FPS drops in fights


Hello, i already opened a thread on the EU forums and a lot of other people with high end rigs had the same problem. I did litteraly everything anyone has ever posted in the technical support forum regarding this issue.


Things i did since i posted that thread and as it grew:

Disable HPET
Did every available benchmark on this planet
Checked temps again when laggs occure, fine
Updated my BIOS

This game is the only thing i play when i get back from work and it is so frustrating to not be able to perform as it is pretty hard to deal with laggs when playing tracer and litteraly LIVING in those big fights


next time this happened try mid fight go to settings, turn off reduced buffering and hit apply, then turn it back on and apply, and do this two times in a row and go back to your fight. does your fps change or stay the same?

Also make sure the battle net app is closed when you are playing, that thing sometimes causes fps drops. you can set the app to close when a game launches in the settings top left icon, settings, general.


In addition to what you have already tried, these standard tips can help resolve most Overwatch FPS drops:

Also here are advanced tips I have written in Overwatch’s Tech Support forum that maximize your FPS performance in the game.