FPS drops (DxDiag on pastebin)

I’ve been having FPS drops since a few updates ago. I normally cap it at 60 FPS, but it drops to 30-50 FPS occasionally, whether it would be in QP or ranked. I play on a laptop, so I keep it plugged in and on high performance mode. My laptop does run hot, but it never goes above 80C in game. I’ve also freed up my hard drive of space and uninstalled Razer Synapse since I do own a Deathadder Chroma.

Decided to put my DxDiag on pastebin because it couldn’t fit in one post.

Device Name: Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Probably this?

I’ve uninstalled everything Razer Synapse related, and even tried reinstalling again with Chroma enabled (I usually have it on anyways), but the frame drops still happen.

Did you try the Synapse 3 beta?

Yes, but the drops are still happening. My Deathadder is only supported by Synapse 2, so I tried both versions but nothing works.

Are you certain all files associated with Chroma were gone when you uninstalled Razer Synapse for the first time?

I’m quite sure I did. I went back to manually search for any files I might’ve missed.

Did you enable the lighting effects for Overwatch? it’s also worth running HWMonitor while you play a game so you can check for temperature spikes.

Yes, they’re enabled. I’ll try running that when I have the chance to play and report back.