FPS drops constantly

So i have a latop with a rtc 2060 and a i7 10th gen it can handle overwatch pretty well, I start the game and its at 144fps but every game in the middle of the game it drops to around 40 fps and stays there. My computer only does this with overwatch and i would love help so i can enjoy the game please

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Are you using Razer devices?

not at all, i dont own anything razer

plug the charger in when u play
and see if your laptop is overheating

its always plugged in, this laptop play other games at 144 fps no problem its just overwatch that start fine and mid game drops. Its either mid game or i play one and the next one starts at 30 fps

I don’t know if the other games you’re playing are as intensive as Overwatch, and can’t comment about the comparison. However, the staff (not me) has mentioned that optimizing for fps isn’t really considered a technical support issue and goes beyond the scope of what’s supported in this forum. Personally, I understand that this is not the fps you expect with your setup. Here are a few things I suggest looking at to figure out the problem (especially overheating since it’s a laptop and performance degrades over time):

  1. Make sure you have space on your hard drive for optimal performance. Roughly 12-15% free space is needed.

  2. Check the Windows Reliability History tool for any errors happening during the time you played Overwatch.

  3. Run a DxDiag report(not MSInfo), save it, and then examine any apps throwing errors at the end of the report. Then investigate issues with those apps.

  4. Look for overheating. If you have any hardware reaching 79-85 degC, this is cause for concern.

  5. Use benchmarking tools to see if any hardware is underperforming:

    Note: Some of these tests, other than the first one, can take quite a while.

ill try those today thanks, and this laptop is a moth old so its not degadation, ill try all of this and maybe reinstalling overwatch thanks for your help