FPS capped at 59 frames with jittering

My overwatch is capped at 60 frames when i enter the game, on the hero screen im getting 240+. I dont have vsync turned on in game neither the nvidia control panel. Also my refresh rate is on 120 same ingame. The fps is set to custom (300). Ive reinstalled the game updated my drivers, I dont know what else to do its only recenetly this is happening and its the only game. Apex and PUBG is fine i have a 1060 GTX 3gb with an i5 i can run most games on high graphics with 150 frames easy. I dont understand what the problem is and would appreciate any help.

thank you

TURN OFF VSYNC in settings!!!

I suggest you read my post before commenting.

Have you looked over the known issues thread? Perhaps something like the Chroma issue is affecting you?

Omg nicole youre a life saver i cant believe it was razer this whole time. Marry me!! jokes aside

thank you ive been fiddling with my pc for 2 weeks with this crap

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Aww shucks, you’re welcome. :blush:

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