FPS Capped at 30 and crashes

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been struggling with my frames capping at 20 FPS while I’m alive and playing, but they return back to the normal 150 or so whenever I’m dead and spectating. This is extremely frustrating and makes the game damn near unplayable. FPS is un-capped, V-Sync is off, 144 Hz monitor as well as refresh rate set to 144 Hz. Usually, I have to restart my computer and even then half the time it doesn’t fix my problem. Scanned and repaired to see if it would fix it, now the game crashes on start-up regardless of what I do. Tried to scan and repair after that and nothing happens.

Likely related to the issue in the sticky threads:

Issue resolved. For future cases and references, Razer Synapse had an update, and when I updated my frames returned to normal.