[Forum Suggestion] 'Set as Main Profile' Option


I think people should only have one account and play on that one 99% of the time.

Second accounts only lead to smurfs, one-tricks and throwers.


yes but because that is a completely ridiculous request and will most likely never get implemented cause y’know the more money the better for blizzard

I honestly think I’d be cool as long there is some verifcation on both accounts


I think you might have confused this, as there are people, especially on this forum, that own OW on more than 1 platform (take my case for example; I own OW on PC and PS4, even though my main platform is PS4). It’s those people that this suggestion is aimed for. As you know, battle.net accounts can be linked to PSN and XBL accounts as well; but only 1 of each can be linked to a battle.net account at a time (I could link an XBL account to my battle.net account here, but I can’t link 2 PSN accounts to it at the same time).

I also didn’t mention anything about any of those either, since this is a suggestion only for the forums; not in-game.


Here’s an idea:

Make it so that it only appears on a given account if the user is logged in. It will not appear for any other account unless they are specifically logged in to the battle.net account. (I can’t change the main profile of anybody else except for myself)

It’s safe to say they already have the information if the accounts are linked.


Moving this thread up. This suggestion would be great to see as a reality here on the forums.

(Callie) #7

This is something we are definitely looking into. :slight_smile:


okay qween. (20 chars)


Can we get other gamemode stats on the web profile as well? Such as All Modes and various arcade competitive modes?


On the topic of forum -> profile QoL, it would be useful to grey out the player profile link when you click on an icon if that profile was private.

Also, I originally thought that this thread was about being able to have your main/s listed under your forum icon or something, which would also be a good idea.


I think this is a really good idea actually. However, it seems like it would take too long to implement for such a niche feature.


I believe some form of progress report regarding this would be nice to see. This is the first time in over 7 months that an update has been seen with this form of topic. Not to mention that this form of topic was brought up about a day after the new forums launched (the new forums launched on February 20th, 2018). Plus, the exact same response was given back then too.

That said, I’d just like to know; is there something that’s preventing it from becoming a reality here on the forums?
(Don’t get me wrong, I do believe you guys are looking into it. It’s just the fact that the same response from back then was given this time around as well that makes me wonder this)


This should really be a feature.

I have more icons on the ps4 version and I haven’t touched the pc version since the last free weekend.


Thank you… but … You are working on it for almost year now, several months ago support told me that they are working on a fix when console players had icon from PC beta and couldnt change it.

Here we are today and same problem still remains… i cant change icons here from
my platinum border level ps4 account because i played pc beta for an hour…


I agree. This is partly the reason why I set my forum profile to hidden, since my in-game profile is private too.


I like the idea, having a PS4 account im stuck with a nub avatar.


I’d love for this to happen. I’ve run into this same issue recently because I just started playing on PC with this account after playing mostly PS4 since release. I’m getting a lot of “forum smurf” type accusations because people just look at my lvl 11 PC stats. Also, I miss my Alliance portrait!



I hope your Dev team have considered a slight Competitive mode change that gives us “nobodies” some light and hope to climb a bit easier out of SR Purgatory. I have LOST all of my inspiration and hope in this game, only to run on “auto pilot” anymore. Im not asking this for myself, but for my fellow community member.


2 bits:

  1. Callie is a Forum Developer; a role which is not to be confused with the Overwatch Development Team.
  2. This is not the right thread to post that. This is specifically a suggestion for the forums, and not for in-game.

I’m posting this to make sure that it’s clear to not deter this thread into a suggestion for in-game.


Thank you for letting me know.

The player frustration is VERY VERY high. I would say it is reaching Critical mass. I played World of Wacraft and when player frustration reached an all-time high, the game community quickly disbanded. I had a lot of GOOD memories wrapped up in that game. Enough to bring a tear to my eye. I met great people in that game, and I feel that the hostility level in this game, since October 3rd, has risen to that same level WoW was, before the community disbanded and 90% of the realms fell silent.

Its not me wanting to be rude to anyone. Its my frustration to the point of, its a literal “plead for help” towards the game.

Our good friend Seagull, the former Overwatch competitor expresses his deep concerns, in a sincere and passionate video posted on youtube. This past week. Remember, we aren’t here for trolling, its us remembering “the simple times”. Kind of thing. :slight_smile:


Just gonna make sure that this suggestion stays around.