[Forum Suggestion] 'Set as Main Profile' Option

2 bits:

  1. Callie is a Forum Developer; a role which is not to be confused with the Overwatch Development Team.
  2. This is not the right thread to post that. This is specifically a suggestion for the forums, and not for in-game.

I’m posting this to make sure that it’s clear to not deter this thread into a suggestion for in-game.


Thank you for letting me know.

The player frustration is VERY VERY high. I would say it is reaching Critical mass. I played World of Wacraft and when player frustration reached an all-time high, the game community quickly disbanded. I had a lot of GOOD memories wrapped up in that game. Enough to bring a tear to my eye. I met great people in that game, and I feel that the hostility level in this game, since October 3rd, has risen to that same level WoW was, before the community disbanded and 90% of the realms fell silent.

Its not me wanting to be rude to anyone. Its my frustration to the point of, its a literal “plead for help” towards the game.

Our good friend Seagull, the former Overwatch competitor expresses his deep concerns, in a sincere and passionate video posted on youtube. This past week. Remember, we aren’t here for trolling, its us remembering “the simple times”. Kind of thing. :slight_smile:

Just gonna make sure that this suggestion stays around.

Thanks, I’m tired of showing as a Silver PC player (is my brothers pc account, I play on PSN lol)


they need to get with the times and go cross platform already.

have an option on consoles to not play with kb&m players.
that’s it

Making sure this thread stays around so it eventually becomes a reality here on the forums.


Thank you OP for making this thread. I too would like this to be implemented.
I own Overwatch on PC, PS4, and now on Xbox One and it would sure be nice to have what you’re asking for.

I’d ask if we can also link them all into one account and may be get some sort of in-game bonus (since we know that sharing skins you earned / bought across accounts will never happen) since we bought the game more than once. Lol. :smiley:

Funnily enough, this by really specific technicalities does work. After all, I have Winston’s Blizzcon skin on both PS4 and PC (via buying the virtual ticket in 2017).

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Oh! I did not know about that… because I don’t buy the virtual tickets. :smiley:

So it’s possible… :thinking:

Anyway, I have no hopes of sharing loot between accounts will ever become a thing because … business… but I do hope your suggestion becomes really looked at.

I understand that this is a huge bump, but I don’t think there’d be harm in this case since this is a thread that I made. Plus, your most recent response regarding this was in this thread, so there’s honestly not much point in making a new thread given that.

Anyways, I’m quoting your post again to ask if some form of progress has been made regarding this suggestion. This suggestion overall has been around since the new forums launched, which equates to roughly a year now. Given that the same answer was given between when the forums launched and when you responded to this thread on November 15th, I’d like to know if there is something that is preventing this suggestion from becoming a reality here.

We have not forgotten this, promise!


I fully support this idea.

As an xbox player I kinda regret getting it on PC, I hardly ever play it and it changed my icon. I have most of the icons unlocked on Xbox (where I mainly play). Letting us choose a main account/profile/platform seems way easier than letting us have our unlocked items shared across platforms

Time for my bi-monthly bumping of this thread. Same case as the last time I bumped this thread, I understand that this is a huge bump. But your most recent responses regarding this were in this thread, so there’s no point in making a new thread because of that.

Likewise as before, just asking if some form of progress has been made on this suggestion for the forums. With this suggestion having been around since the new forums launched 14 months ago, it’s time for me to ask once again about this. I’d like to know if there is something that is preventing this suggestion from becoming a reality here, and some form of progress report would be very much appreciated.

If I could potentially throw an idea to help this along, I would propose making it so that if someone wants to do this, they need to have all their appropriate game profiles public.
(i.e. I would need to make my PC Profile public as well to be able to do this, since my PS4’s profile is already public while my PC Profile is private)

As for another possible idea of having these main profiles option in, there could also be the attempt of setting a “priority value” (so to speak) to each of a battletag’s OW profiles that are linked. For example, have it so that PC’s starting priority value is 2, whereas the other profiles that are linked to a battletag start at 1. However, if someone uses the set as main profile option, then that profile’s priority value becomes 2 and the previous main profile’s priority value becomes 1.
(i.e. In my case, my PS4 profile would have a starting priority value of 1, whereas my PC profile would have a starting priority value of 2. But if I use ‘Set as Main Profile’ on my PS4 profile while logged in, then the priority value of my PS4 profile would become 2, and PC’s priority value would become 1. This is here to help explain further what I mean by this idea. As for a potential comparison, when I worked as a staff member on DN while it was still available, numeric values were set to each user’s profile to determine their rank & privileges on the site. 0 was regular user and was the default value of every account that was created. 1 was Admin, 2 was Senior Admin, 3 was Head Admin, and 4 was Owner. Higher numbers of course had higher priority in terms of appearance and privileges.)

Replying to your post again to ask for an update on this.
(See my post above this one for my reasoning)

They haven’t been online since April 22nd so you may be waiting a while unfortunately.

For what it’s worth, it’s been 4 months since the last time Callie responded to this thread. I’m honestly quite patient as long as the wrong buttons of mine don’t get pushed.

You won’t know the result of something if you don’t try ^^

For similar reasons as the last times I’ve done this, I’m bumping this thread up. I’d just like to hear an update for this forum suggestion, as your last response to this matter was 6 months ago.

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7 months since your last response to this suggestion, asking again for an update.

I’m pretty sure the forums dev team is like the dev dept at the company I worked for. They say they are working on something but what they are really doing is browsing Reddit all day long.

Edit: Also I haven’t had this Junkrat player icon set in OW for months. The forums won’t even update to my current one.

So very relatable. The fact that the profile of every forum developer is private as well doesn’t help the matter either (understandable in a couple cases; other cases, not so much).

Edit on my end too: similar case for me with the player icons. I only switched to the Top 500 one because the forums don’t have every player icon available. Else I’d be using my Copa Lucioball Hero 2019 player icon.