Forum HTML tutorial


Generally, you don’t create a system that can cause abuse and blame the user. You just prevent it from happening in the first place.

There really is no advantage to having clickable links - it is essentially the same as a hidden link, which is a power that should never be given to a random internet user.


They aren’t “random” though, and the ability to do that can be redacted at any time.

And the advantage is not having 100s of chars in the middle of your post? Just take this for example:

I don’t want that in the middle of my post. I’d much rather just put

<a href="">A useful HTML tutorial I found</a>

Or any other link for that matter; URLs aren’t semantically meaningful to average users.


Thank you for this. I don’t get why there wasn’t an actual official thread posted.


Doesn’t appear to be possible to even post links to other threads on the forums without link posting permissions. Which I don’t believe exist yet.


Yeah we can’t even post internal forum links now but I think you can bypass this by putting the url between two `` or highlighting it and clicking on the </> button in the textbox


Testing where in relation to pics text goes.
Linked pic

Shame center doesn’t work, but still handy.

The basics like bold italic and Hyperlinks etc show above the text input box, but no image information so it is handy to know these.

Pics/Gifs work without any html code if you just want to share a pic but need the html above for links of course.
Basic gif

and even gifphy

Myself and a couple of others have access due to being part of Blizzards MVP program in the old forums, but we don’t have our green text yet), thought I’d add to this post for reference of all the neat things that can be done once you rank up on the forums!


“Well oriented, eye-catching posts”? Remove endless scrolling and how tight the pages are now. There’s a bunch of excess, unused space on both sides of text posts, and it’s compressing replies into tight little boxes that are annoying to look at.




omg it works


Really appreciate this thread! Thank you so much for these pointers






I had never heard of forum MVPs, does that stand for Most Valuable Poster or something like that maybe? Congratulations though :wink: I am glad that you and so many others found my tutorial useful.


Yeah it’s the Most Valuable Poster program Blizzard have done for years on other games, for Overwatch we were just on the support forums, other games can have both support and community MVPs.

Basically if Blizzard see people posting useful information/being helpful to the community and are activity looking for MVPs at the time they will approach you, the new WoW program you can apply for but it’s different per game.

MVPs get to have a little more contact with Blizzard for feedback and support, aren’t paid or anything just we enjoy helping the community out.

While Overwatch doesn’t have community MVPs currently, it has support ones so you will see us with green text in the support forums once it’s active, or if you look at the old forums/other games you can see it. I’m actually the Australia & New Zealand MVP so I’m abit of everything for all games, WyomingMyst (I forget his number so can’t tag him lol) is the support MVP for Overwatch and trust me if it wasn’t for the fact he is at the OWL this week you’d see his posts all over the support forums, guy goes hard in helping the community!


I most certainly bookmarked this thread (;


Are these quotes? :open_mouth:


MVPs were most common in the technical support forums where they would help solve issues with players rather than having a Blizzard member do it.


*Ugh * yes, a ton of them


How did you figure all this out?


These are pretty common HTML tags. This forum (based on the Discourse platform) also makes use of many BBCode options. It mostly just ends up being trial and error to figure out what works here and what doesn’t.