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How can you embed a twitch clip? Youtube clips work, but twitch doesn’t for me. :frowning:

I just get this:


I think that’s because the forum doesn’t natively support Twitch and maybe because YT player has an “embed” function integrated in it. Not sure about Twitch though.


I’ve learned that you can embed clips you make yourself like this:

It won’t embed clips from the clips tab in a twitch channel. Different URL path or something?


Good job on finding a way to make it work, it looks like clips.twitch works to embed clips but doesn’t :slight_smile:

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The new forum platform is live today for Hearthstone if you want to share this knowledge over there too. ^^


Hey there Callie, I got my guide that I used for the World of WarCraft forums now up there:

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Excellent. I love seeing the content you guys create here.


Yeah sure, where do you think it’d be more appropriate to post it?

P.S. nvm just read that WM posted one himself :smiley:


What are the blizzcon forums?


The BlizzCon forums are for discussing everything about BlizzCon including questions about the convention, setting up meet and greets, and more…


What other forums other than Overwatch, WoW, HotS, Hearthstone and Blizzcon use this format?


WarCraft III Reforged

I believe Diablo 3 is next on the list.


Shouldn’t WoW and Warcraft 3 reforged be a part of the same forums as General World of Warcraft?


The regular Warcraft series is very different from World of Warcraft. They are real time strategy games similar to that of StarCraft, where as World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role playing game.


Still hoping for StarCraft 3


Problem there is that SCII put a good amount of closure on the existing characters (Jim and Sarah going into who knows where, the Protoss are a (mostly) unified race, Zaraga controls the zerg.) So a new StarCraft game would have an entirely new story if anything.


Didn’t they try to make a StarCraft before it became Overwatch?


Yes and no. The original Project Titan was to be a MMO with gameplay and role playing mechanics that I think you could compare to that of Destiny. When Titan was scraped Team 4 was given six weeks to try and come up with a new project. One of the concepts they came up with was a StarCraft first-person action spinoff game.


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