Forum game: True or False


False. Zenyatta has the lowest HP, he has shields that make up the rest
(and I didn’t know Sym’s ult had a healthbar)

True or False: The attackers on Payload and Hybrid maps are always the good guys.


False: Junkrat mentions bringing bombs to blow up robots while attacking on King’s Row. Also delivering a payload with explosives on Junkertown.

True or False: Lucio’s primary fire uses 4 ammo per shot.


Oh lol I completely forgot about Symmetra. I never see anyone play her anymore so it’s almost like she doesn’t exist for me.

The funny thing is most people don’t shoot Mei’s wall, but always happen to shoot Symmetra’s barrier.


True as there are four shots fired.

Frue or Tralse, rein is best daddy. Uwu.


I don’t think it really does lol. No one ever destroys the barrier. Not even with Bastion and Junkrat (Yes I’ve tried, and with literally everyone shooting it, it doesn’t get destroyed)

TRALSE because TOBLERONE gets that title. @PanPan


False. Rein has not been confirmed to have children. Torbjorn is best (and only) in game daddy.

True or False - Bastion in sentry form has no hitboxes for headshots.


FALSE because he has that weird little cube thing behind him that is his critical box.


Lúcio can wallride backwards.


True, there are videos of people wallriding backwards and getting mad hops with it.

True or False, Mercy is the healer with the highest base DPS without using any abilities and if all all shots land and are body shots.


False. Zenyatta has a higher DPS.

True or false, Hanzo and Genji were once supposed to be one hero.


True :^) Hanzo and genji were once going to be the same person.

True or false, Ashe takes 3 headshots to kill a 200 healthed enemy.


My team sucks, true or false?
Mwahaha, got you, it was a trick question! :stuck_out_tongue:


False, she can do it in 2 (depending on the distance)

True or false, the mercy changes went live on September 23, 2017


False the mercy changes went live on September 19th 2017

True or false
There is only 1 roller coaster in blizzard world.


True, you can also look at the map

True or false
The boot process of computers in Ecopoint: Antarctica is heavily inspired to Linux and HP/UX boot sequence


This was surely a tough one, but after doing some research, I think it’s False
The computers in ecopoint don’t look like their boot sequence at all, probably wrong though lol

True or false
The game being played in one spawn of ecopoint Antarctica (from when it was first released) is Table Tennis


Behave Yourself, unfortunally for you that’s true: A geek curiosity from Rise and Shine
I’ve taken some screenshots and i found a photo of an HP 9000 booting HP/UX, and for some parts (the green check signs, and the diagnosis list) looks heavily inspired to Linux and HP/UX

True, there is the hologram of the ball


Nope it’s false
The game is ping pong, which is very similar to table tennis, but still not table tennis. :stuck_out_tongue:
Be careful when dealing with a strikernaut, they will DESTROY your world


Dammit I thought it was the 23rd. Man I’m so stupid, maybe I’m just getting old now.


Wowe, i never knew there was a definition for my nickname.

I confuse these 2 games because in italian are the same thing, but technically are two similar but different games


True or false
Reapers falloff range starts at 10m