Forming a bronze team

Hey there! I’m currently assembling a team of bronze players to schedule times to play comp together. I’d prefer a US central time zone or something fairly close if possible. Right now, the team’s in need of two tanks, two damage, and one support player. I’m playing support and I already have two backup/fill people. let me know if you’re interested. I’d prefer it if you added me, I’d rather not leave the discord link out in the public. Goal is to get the team formed by the end of the month.
Only other things you need to know going in are the team doesn’t have a name yet, so we’re open to ideas, and I’m hoping to get team-building exercises and practice sessions in first before we go into comp so we have our synergies ready and can work together effectively.


Hi! hope you’re doing well. Just read your post and I’m interested because I’m looking for bronze players as well to play competitive or casual games to practice and improve since my sr is very low :frowning: . I play tank (Orisa, Rein) but depending on situations I can play offtank (Dva, Zarya) support (Mercy, Moira) and off support with Brig. If you’re still recluting players my BT is LexFare#1456… feel free to add o/

Btw my time zone is EST.

Hey there if you are still looking I am interested. I tried adding you but I can’t find your BT. Mine is rellik#11770. I am a tank player who plays sigma as my main and orisa and zarya. I am also able to play dps where I am good with junk rat and solder 76. I can also play support where Moira Baptiste and mercy are the ones I play. Hit me up if you are interested and thanks. I am also in mountain time zone.

Hey if you are still looking I would definitely be interested. I am a silver healer and tank player but bronze dps. Don’t know if that matters. I am central time zone. Add me if you are interested JoeBaby009#1428

FrostHeavens #1617, doomfist/pharah main w spread out experience on virtually every character besides ashe and symmetra, i’ve been recently working on my genji and tracer play as i want to main them alongside my current mains. Can also flex over to Mei and Reaper. Im Pacific time zone tho but somewhat often pull all nighters so im pretty active. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hiya! I play offtank (D.Va and Wrecking Ball) and hit-scan DPS (Ashe, Soldier, McCree) but also play Hanzo. Would love to join you guys; it’s been really hard for me to climb in solo-queue. Battletag is Mâmmøn#1816


If this is still open, I’m definitely interested!

I’m in the eastern standard time zone and I’d like to join the team ‘cause solo queue is a disaster waiting to happen.

I can play all three roles decently, but I’m definitely lacking in the damage section (around 800 sr, can play Tracer, Mei, Pharah, and Reaper, and am an aspiring Genji main, and if we need hitscan I can do a questionable McCree)… My tank is alright (1300 sr-ish), I’m mainly a main but I can switch over to Zarya, Hog, and Orisa if needed. I’m a support main (around 1600 sr) and I can play most of them, with the exception of Ana, Brig, and Baptiste, to an acceptable level.

I have a mic, though it’s a bit wacky and I almost have to eat it in order to be heard. My call-outs are pretty bad, but my ultimate tracking is fairly decent (in my opinion, at least).

I usually only play on weekends and I can’t stay up too late, unless if it’s holiday season, since I have school… Sorry ‘bout that. ^^;

My battle tag is Tecchou#1698.

Hope you’re having a nice day!

hi, i would be interested as well if you still need people. I am bronze on dps and would be looking to improve on that if possible but I’m higher on tank and support if you guys needed me to play on those as well. I’m in the eastern us time zone so hopefully that should be fine too. My schedule is super open at the moment so I’m usually pretty flexible on that too. My tag is zestybepis :smile:

Can I join your bronze ow team? I play dps btw

Id be interested I can fill any role but prefer tanks :slight_smile:
feel free to add me
Pribomb#6207 on discord
Pribomb#2971 on bnet

I sent you a request on discord. Will send one on bnet soon too.

I’m not even sure if I’m bronze as DPS (i might be gold or silver depending on what I play), but I may be open to joining, if only to be less afraid of playing my placement matches - as I’ve never played DPS in comp before and I’m deathly afraid of the toxicity that may come with solo q, especially in my MMR that would be influenced by my Support rank at the beginning. If we’re sticking to bronze, though, I might restrict myself to only playing “harder” DPS like Widow or Genji - is that ok?

yo i play tank in bronze have good technical skills play hammond and zarya ut can play sigma if needed discord Thor#2228 and Blizard Thor#22174 im eu but have good internet and stay up late most nights if that helps

Hi me and my friend are looking for a team we both play DPS and can flex around what the team is playing. I just bought a acc that was silver but im not that good and my friend also bought an acc but it was placed higher but he’s also bad.