Forced to suspend

I found a team of bronze opponents (in platinum in comp open queue), which is strange, they said they weren’t doing anything for protest against Blizzard, whatever.
We were on El Dorado and we got the payload, they were trying to be free targets. Then we got on Defense. I used Hanzo and the arrow to show where they were in the base, nothing much, and I didn’t hit one for the whole Defense part (since they were manly behind the wall).
Near the ending I’ve got suddenly removed for inactivity (!), no matter what I did and suspended for 15 minutes, and obvious loss of SR. This is unacceptable.

This sounds like a connection disruption and yes it count’s a leaving. Details on this policy can be found here:

However there was no alarm as usual that the connection was absent/interrupted, it only randomly started the inactivity countdown. I was seeing my teammates moving just fine and even scoring a kill a little bit before reaching zero and after that I was suspended for 15 minutes from comp, no “reconnecting to server” screen.
Also I still don’t understand how 5 bronze levels and one unranked were against a team of gold/platinum.