Forbidden Forum Topics


Here’s a list of topics that are forbidden on the forum, that forumgoers will always blame the player or a hero before they even read the question.

  • Lack of warning for XP penalty
  • Loss, -50SR, and potential ban for Brief disconnection, return, and win of a comp match
  • Bugs on Tracer and Genji, or heroes that are currently meta or heroes players have had a bad experience with (Junkrat, Bastion, Doomfist)
  • Latency issues that are from server side, not client side
  • Framerate issues that are not a result of a client’s PC
  • Sombra Translocation Hitbox bugs
  • Generalizations (all/many supports/DPS/Tanks blame all/many supports/DPS/Tanks)
  • Statistically weak heroes that can potentially be strong if everything goes right
  • Statistically strong heroes that are only strong because of the meta and a lack of competition
  • Mercy related posts
  • LGBT related posts

So watch out if your topics contain any of these forbidden items, else you the player are going to be blamed and scapegoated.


You forgot anything mercy related

Or lately, anything against the newer torb / sym reworks


You forgot the “McCree/Sombra/Reaper are still statistically weak” arguments that devolve into someone just saying to git gud and click heads 4head


You right, gimme a sec


Half of your points are latency/disconnect/framerate issues.

Yeah, most of them are players who have a faulty connection, pc, and try to shift the blame. If it’s a server problem, dc’s happen in a massive scale.

Some people even make obvious that they are lying. I met a lot of leavers/throwers in my games, and I bet you did too.

What you’d expect them to say? Be honest and say “I got banned because I ragequit and throw like an idiot”? No, they will simply lie that this was not their fault and blame it on imaginary server problems.

Your other points are mostly true, but that’s a community issue. Most people here tend to take sides, rather than trying to reach middle grounds.


Thanks for adding the Mercy one.

Literally any post made about mercy(and I’ve made quite a few) always receive hate. Not disagreement, no they skim over the actual post and just lob an insult or something useless to the conversation.


My vent post got nothing but support tho


That knife cuts both ways. Mercy discussion emotional af. Few people are wanting to actually hash things out. Most just want people to know how they feel. :man_shrugging:

Don’t get the point of this thread tbh. They’re not forbidden on the forum, you just might catch some flack. If you can’t keep up with that, c’est la vie. Shouldn’t have opened the door.


Sure as hell it isn’t a server issue.


Idk from my mercy posts and the tons I’ve read, it’s never usually the Mercy poster themself that starts the fight.

That said, even if someone throws insults, best and most respectable thing to do is to ignore/flag. Obviosuly if they are just insulting and not discussing, they have no bases for an actual argument


So forbidden it was even deleted from this thread! Maybe I actually guessed a real thing they’re doing!


Mercy topics are not forbidden anymore. We no longer have to endure the tiniest topic about Mercy being merged into a 20k post megathread graveyard anymore, there’s actually a lot of civil discussion going on about her nowadays


You can get flagged by saying your opinion that Mercy is fine so here is that.


:man_shrugging: Not calling out specific people. I’ve been around my share of Mercy discussion. It cuts both ways.


I think I found one more. anything relating to the terrible backfill system


I just tested this not too long ago, I still got the red and white warning dialog in the text message box warning the next game would trigger the XP penalty. Now there can be scenarios where it can be missed by the user, and during Competitive Offseason, instead of a -50 SR penalty I do believe they issue XP penalty automatically for leaving a Competitive Match. But otherwise, there is a warning.

It is true players are quick to react to a person complaining about crashes or disconnects. I try to word my posts carefully explaining the causes that most users face and give warning to them if they fail to correct the issue and continue playing game modes like Competitive. I wish more players would at the very least refer users to the tech support forum, if not the standard troubleshooting guide.

This is a bit worded inaccurately, technically there is no latency directly on a server, nor is there latency directly on the end user. Latency occurs inbetween the two. Remember that the world wide web is a series of computers networked together as part of our global network. Latency occurs for a variety of reasons including:

  • Heavy Internet Traffic over a common route
  • Malfunctioning or damaged hubs or cables which causes a signal to a server to be rerouted differently
  • ISP Throttling or data caps
  • Natural radio interference (especially over any part of the connection that is transmitted wirelessly)

It is important to remember there are ways to measure point-to-point your connection speed specifically to the game server. My preferred way is by running a WinMTR test which uses a free-to-download program and does the functions of both a pathping and traceroute together. This allows me to see the ping rate of each hub, and if any data is loss during that ping, and the average, best, and worst rates of latency. This allows me to pinpoint exactly where any latency issues occur.

Troubleshooting framerate issues from a specific PC can be difficult at times, that is why I created the Maximizing Performance Guide in the tech support forum. I also know that there are infinite system configurations, so even after all of the troubleshooting, there can still be issues ranging from not only the Overwatch game software, but also the graphics driver, the anti-virus and other malware protection programs, background process, overlays, Google Chrome (yes, try completely disabling that web browser if you are having FPS issues), mouse drivers, sound drivers, NASCAR drivers (okay that last one is not true), trying to stream on Twitch, etc.

Officially, the game should work up to 60 FPS on “high” settings as long as you meet the Recommended System Requirements for Overwatch (any more FPS is possible, but Blizzard officially does not “support” it in terms of customer service). Again this is “officially supported”. They actually do tests on hundreds of different computer setups. That being said, not saying the software is perfect, but I myself don’t have any FPS issues that I am noticing in game with my specific setup. So if anyone is getting harassed about FPS issues, send them to my guide in the tech support forum.

This is just the forums being the forums. All I can say to these threads are…


The problem with these threads is that while most constructive conversation about the subject is not a violation of the forum Code-of-Conduct, it all too often incites comments that do violate the Code of Conduct. I would like to point out in terms of discussing the lore, DarthWinston’s LGBT in Overwatch Mega(y)thread is the best place to properly discuss these subjects.

To conclude, the purpose of the forums is for us as a community to help each other enjoy Overwatch more. None of these listed subjects in this are forbidden. Yes depending on how you write posts you may get flack for it, or if I personally see it I may provide sources of information to provide better clarification and to generate healthy discussion of a subject. It’s one reason why I have the Dev Post Directory. Of course as a reminder, if you want the REAL list of subjects that are not permitted to be discussed on the forums (and why they are not allowed), you can refer here:

Forum Code-of-Conduct

Overwatch Forums Posting Guidelines