For those who still enjoy Overwatch: Why?


For the same reason I enjoyed it a year ago.

Itโ€™s a great game.


It is fun.

I stopped playing it seriously (comp) so my rank dropped a bit, but itโ€™s a lot easier to play a game when you play for fun instead of for imaginary points.


9/10 games in overwatch (in every gamemode) are absolute garbage. Curb stomp, someoneโ€™s toxic, someoneโ€™s throwing, you name it. But that 1/10 games is so good, everyone gets along, itโ€™s a good game, the losers arenโ€™t mega salty, and it is bliss. That 1/10 games is why I still play this game.


I still need to get five achievements.


i enjoy playing the game with my 2 children, 1v2. Hearing their squeals of laughter as they beat me (which has become increasingly frequent) and talking about the game just binds us together. I am pretty much a nerd and my job is very physically demanding with me working 361 days a year, 10-12 hours a day. So this is the best form of father-children bonding we can think of whereby i am resting yet doing an activity together.

Outside of family play time, i have not really played much, if at all, since September 2018 although i was pretty much clocking in 2-3 hours daily since March. It is not because i do not enjoy the game but because towards the end of the year, things get really busy for me. Also, Soul Calibur 6 got released and i was building a new PC.

Why do i enjoy the game? Well, it is the human element. Years of gaming versus AI in single player games, one can and will notice a pattern displayed by the AI and it becomes easy to beat once that pattern is discerned and analysed. It is all a matter of execution and planning. The sense of anticipation and adjusting-on-the-fly is gone.

On the other hand, real life sports, such as basketball when i was still playing is full of moments of instant decision making, adjustments, and of course, that sense of fulfilment from having satisfied oneโ€™s competitive nature.

While there are other games which do that such as CS:GO, OW is unique because of its MOBA-ish style of play and I really do like that because it is very much akin to a cRPG FPS style.



I still enjoy it, sure there are bad matches and toxic players but also great ones with superbly friendly players.

Plus, stumbling across the Overmoji Cafรฉ bunch gave me a renewed passion for the game, its always more fun with friends :smiley:


Because it gives me pain and suffering like no other game can. :joy:


I just turn off my brain, go to AI mode and start killing things, and it also deal with rpg class elements that I enjoy in mmorpgs. But most of all, I enjoy the social aspect. If I didnโ€™t care about the social aspect, I would play Sword Art Online: Fetal Bullet or Monster Hunter World solo. I just get far too addicted to MMORPG if I do play them, so I try to avoid them.

When I donโ€™t want to kill things, I play Stardew Valley, My Time in Portia, and Cities: Skyline.

Other than that, I have hundreds of games backlog. Still didnโ€™t finish all my Assassin Creed games, and waifu/weeb games.


I still enjoy Overwatch because itโ€™s still enjoyable. Pro tip, if you lose multiple matches in a row or get pissed off after a match, go do something else. Play quickplay, eat a bagel, make a bagel, pet a dog, buy a dog, drive around, sleep, nap, play Minecraft, etc.

Breaks are an essential part of why I enjoy Overwatch. It keeps me from playing tilted so that I donโ€™t get reported and so that I can focus on doing well in the game, not on how much I want to strangle that one a**hat who was a toxic pos in my last game.


My drive at becoming better at the game. I know I can be better what keeps me playing is knowing I can be better.


I havenโ€™t come across any toxic people, and I have been playing consistently well with Hanzo recently.


Trying to get decent with multiple heros drives me. Currently on my 15th golden gun. Need 4 more to satisfy my completionary needs on the heros I hope to master one day. Love Comp even though it can be frustrating. You just learn to make the most of it and have fun.


As long as I donโ€™t play competitive and play during events I have fun.

When an event ends I donโ€™t touch overwatch. And even during this event the max I ever give is hour to an hour and a half of playtime.

For me this is not a game you can or should put in Skyrim/Witcher amounts of play time cause the repetitive grind getz noticeable.

Iโ€™m having fun and getting great lootbox drops. Also I play other games way more than I


Becauae FFA is fun

Almost everything else is garbage though.


Mercy. I was never into shooters before Overwatch but Mercyโ€™s playstyle reminds me of healing in WoW (which I use to love for years).


The game play pulled me in and the friends Iโ€™ve made keep my coming back.

Also, itโ€™s the steady release of heroes, maps, events and content that keep me here. I like seeing how the game evolves as the new heroes are released and the meta/players adapt. A lot of people donโ€™t like that because they donโ€™t like falling behind when theyโ€™re not here to play, and thatโ€™s understandable. But itโ€™s the thing that keeps me hereโ€ฆ itโ€™s just fun.

Plus Iโ€™m slowly improving (just placed about 100sr shy of platinum after winning -all- of my placement matches, damn that felt good).

Iโ€™m still thoroughly enjoying this game.


I still enjoy it because of one reason

i dont play competitive

I play allot of arcade and qp when i have spare time and i happen to play other games aswell, only playing overwatch longer if there is an event for grinding lootbox.

I noticed people who created goodbye overwatch thread/post are the ones who play comp and got frustrated about the meta and SR etc.

Eating too much of the same food will make you grow sick of it!


Iโ€™ve been burnt out.

Itโ€™s a fun game to goof off on, but after getting defeat three times in a row because of a lucky Hanzo arrow or something I just get flustered.


I turn off voice and text chat then imagine everyone else playing are incredibly human-like AI.

Lots of fun if I just pretend itโ€™s a single player game.


Honestly, itโ€™s really good.

The hero balance may not be perfect, but really itโ€™s pretty good outside a couple of really broken exceptions. Most games are fun except when your team is all terrible, but thatโ€™s not that common. Really, other multiplayer games have drastically worse and more common issues.