For the love of God nerf Tracer already


Lol how are people still complaining about Tracer? Sigh There is so many more real discussions to have right now. Tracer is just fine, idk how people have these random experiences where Tracer is the bane of existence for eternity or something. Lol looking at the above suggested nerfs I can tell this is some sort of joke topic. The suggested nerfs above would make Tracer trash, which is what you guys want. It’s just not gonna happen, as the OWL said Tracer will always be meta. She works, she will always work. Sorry


ComfortablyNumb is correct. You didn’t answer anything. You go on for a paragraph about how statistical data proves nothing (and then saying they are important? what?) and then proceed to say that feelings matter. That opinions matter over raw, scientific data.

Then you wade into the obvious: it isn’t one thing, it is more than one thing, no side can dismiss the other, etc. The hilarious part is where you claim it is all subjective, except it isn’t. Number aren’t subjective. Facts don’t stop being facts because you ‘feel’ like they aren’t, or don’t agree with your perspective.

Are you trolling? I get the sense you are trolling. Well, points for being more subtle than most.


Yes because she is a problem, you might not agree, you might not like people expressing their opinions on the matter, but it is real.

There is a good reason why so many people are debating this issue, and expressing their opinions about it, just in this thread more than 500 people have agreed and i’m sure there are many more. If you want to just dismiss that and call it a witch hunt because you don’t like it or you don’t agree with the issue, thats on you.

This is not a joke topic, and just the fact that you call it that shows your own bias, you are dismissing and downplaying the opinions of hundreds and hundreds of players because you don’t like it. The suggested nerfs you might see are irrelevant, they are just opinions and suggestions of people on how they think Tracer could be balanced out, but in any case the point that is being made is that she is overtuned and needs to be addressed.

The numbers that you speak of are not “raw scientific data” in the slightest. They are statistical data that is subjected to interpretation and may or may not be reliable depending on the source and method of aquisition. If you go to different sites, they have different data, some is similar, but some isn’t, that is why no data can be taken as factual or 100% reliable. Also, what you call “feelings” is actually anecdotal evidence which is important just like in any real case scenario, and when the anecdotal evidence is a big as it is in this situation then it matters even more, if it were just a couple of people getting a couple of comments then it would not have much weight, but that isn’t the case, Tracer is the most debated hero and has been for a long time, and the number of people growing frustrated with her is growing more and more.

Again the numbers that you speak of are not facts, they are statistical data which is subject to interpretation. People like to use numbers to defend Tracer but they usually fail to consider the whole of the numbers instead of just what supports their view. If we are to take numbers, the whole of the numbers then there are many things that point towards unbalance, we could argue that certain things are one way when we know it isn’t. The numbers fail to take in consideration factors that are important, pick rates are influenced by things like player preference, efficiency, popularity, balance adjustments that Blizzard does which changes the “perception of balance”, etc. Win rates are influenced by things like compositions, the skill system that most people seem to hate, issues like toxicity and even potential unbalances.

All in all, the statistical data that we have available shows tendencies and it can be a decent indication of the overall behavior and evolution of the game, but it is not factual, nor is it the be all of what is going on. Which is why different things need to be taken into account such as anectodal evidence, the pro scene, and when it comes to balancing, Blizzard also uses their instinct as developers to make changes.

It is ok for them to not believe Tracer is OP, they have a right to their opinion, but all we are doing is expressing ours, and telling them that we don’t agree and there is a lot that supports that argument, enough to be taken seriously, whether or not you want to, that is up to you, but i promise, that the Tracer debate is not going anywhere until it is appropiately addressed. If Brigitte is the answer, we still don’t know as QP doesn’t count and we will have to wait and see how things evolve in comp, however, by the sound of things, it doesn’t seem like Brigitte is really making things better both in the Tracer argument and the game itself, but again, we have to wait and see.


Always remember: Brigitte was made because of how powerful the divers are.

An entire hero was made to even attempt to counter Tracer and Genji and yet people STILL feel there’s no problem with them.


And they even had to tune her back because she was effective against tracer.
They claimed Meis upgrade was to catch characters like Tracer that would escape her spray, but it doesnt help against tracer. Because of course it wouldnt. It helps if someone simply side steps from a spray, it doesnt help against a character than can instantly be out of range, and then instanly come back and 1 clip you in the face, or rewind when things get too hot for them. Her spray helps more against a deathball taht has no shields than it does against a tracer
Junkrat could catch tracer up close when trying to stall a point or a payload, and even then it was still in favor of tracer, but because junkrats pickrate in GM got above 4% they nerfed him. It had nothing to do with his effectiveness in lower tiers, because there’s always been a onesided pickrate/winrate in lower tiers. ANY negative against tracer, is basically seen as undesirable.


Everyone, rejoice in glee!


As a sub-tracer main, I agree to the nerf. The community can be at peace.


While i’m not sure this addresses the issues the community has with Tracer, is still a good thing (tanks seem to be in a bad place in general lately), just the fact that they actually, finally did something is good and i’m happy about it. I’m hopeful Brigitte will be a good answer to the other issues but i guess we will see when she comes to competitive.


At least they nerf her ability to kill tanks and bastion can survive while on sentry and tank mode. Sym ults too can survive so that’s a plus. I’m still having the feeling that complaints about her one clipping will still exist. Still that nerf is justified and well deserved. It shouldn’t affect Tracer players who tend to stick on squishies which is far more better than sticking a tank.


Yea sticking the bomb to supports is much more effective. Also dw about sym, she is being reworked so in s10 she proll wont even have tele or shield as an ult.


Literaly not the problem with tracer, and not who she kills the most with a pulse bomb, These kinds of changes are a distraction from the real issue. Tracer does too much damage with all the mobility that she has in her favor. The idea should be to scale things to make sense, They doubled down on damage and speed, wile only dropping her HP a fraction of what it should have been.


If the screenshot we got is any indication, I doubt Shield Gen will not still be her ult. One of the key aspects of her is being a strategic hero, and Shield Gen have a huge value on basically creating a secondary objective for the enemy team to attack.

One of Sym’s main issue with her ult was how easy for Tracer to simple blink, bomb and recall regardless of how many turrets you had protecting it. If she can’t destroy it with a single pulse bomb, that brings a lot of more opportunities to defend it.


It would make her a strong pick on second point Anubis because of the shield generator location being brutal. I’m not complaining, Sym needs to find her opportunity to be useful pick in some circumstances. At least she got some loves.


While i totally agree with you, and i don’t agree that this was the change needed, there is not much we can do about it, i dont know whether to think this is a clever way of Blizzard making us shut up or else be looked at as if we are just complaining for complaining by making a change that doesn’t address the issues people have with Tracer, OR if they actually care and are honestly trying to fix her and the issues that she represents.

In any case, i do believe that it’s still a good thing because if we look at the game as a whole, tanks are kinda suffering right now, and this change is oriented towards helping tanks so that is something. Also there are powerful implications in this, it’s a statement from Blizzard that Tracer can be in fact adjusted when necessary, and she is not the perfect toon that some people seem to believe.


While true, a reduction in Pulse Bomb damage raises up a lot of things that were deemed “unusable” because of how easy it was for her to stick her bomb and break them down.

  • Zarya and Orisa can’t be one shot when they have bubble/fortify on cooldown
  • Symmetra ultimate can be actually protected because Tracer can’t ignore her defenses and go straight for a pulse and recall. On top of that, all 250 HP heroes are no longer killed by a single pulse bomb if her SG is active (but get out with only 25 HP).
  • Bastion isn’t countered by a single pulse bomb
  • Its much less worthy sticking it on Roadhog because he need to be below half health and with breather on cooldown

Probably I’m missing one or two more instances there, but you get the picture.


No Nerf Ulty Tracer omg,Blizzard are you crazy? Another kills tank and junk, reduce his grenade damage and not Tracer’s ulty, I have no words


I think you’re forgetting that Tracer also has a primary fire that is actually op? I mean she can deal like 200+ damage in a single clip if every bullet hits, so she’ll be just fine.


Actually, I’m not really worried about Tracer main gun being strong. She is basically the classic archetype of a glass cannon, someone that can dish extreme amounts of damage, but die to a strong breeze.

I also think they are a bit too strong, but she being able to one clip a 200 HP target in specific conditions is within acceptable to me. I like that idea of removing her ability to headshot, since her spread don’t really allow her to reliably headshot, so its most free damage that she don’t need. Just like shotgun users, she would then start relying more in landing all her spread (thus, making her fight closer, thus making her more vulnerable).

But in general, that nerf to pulse bomb damage is a great start, and a lot of stuff that was deemed useless because “Tracer can delete that with a bomb” will see much more use.


I’d rather say a glass cannon would be Zenyatta instead of Tracer, Tracer is just a high mobility Flanker that has the potential to one shot. She takes a lot of skill in which players are starting to possess now, and she needs a slight damage nerf, it’s like Widowmaker, she also needs a slight nerf to her damage.


Winston or Symmetra doesn’t counter Tracer AT ALL. Only thing that kills a Tracer is a RoadHog hook or a McCree flashbang. Even those abilities don’t work, because you can still bait that with blink.