For reals, where is Find a Group at?

That’s like 50% of my fun, getting with a team that actually have mics.

Players rarely talk in-game and the server shutting down after PotG is dumb af. Can’t even say “wow man, nice skills” after watching it. Need that social interaction.


It’s been retired.

Gone. Probably because they seem to be introducing a clan system later. Plus barely anyone used lfg.

How do you know? As far as I see it, quite a few used it, myself included.
Would like a clan system however.

Where the post-game cards at?
Where the find a group?
Where is weapon inspections?
Where is the thumbs up thumbs down things they showed before?

where is the patch notes button in game? it’s GONE.


Because there were so few listings there other than throwing and looking for e girls. Sure some people used it, but not many.

And where is the ON-FIRE notification?

Wow so its gone?

Welp this is the final nail in the coffin. Cant believe how many people just accept stuff being taken away.

looking for group should be added be into the game.

Last Ive seen it, it was empty lol

When playing comp do I need to do all of the roles to acquire more points like overwatch 1 or does it just take the highest one into consideration?

This is just false. Everyone claiming that no one used it, or it was only used for trolling and stuff like this, they literally have no clue what they’re talking about. E-girl and selling account groups were always the minority. I used lfg almost daily for 4+ years, and met new people all of the time, never stopped, and always saw plenty of traffic. There is no replacement for an easy way to find a game with people of the same mindset. Mics, no mics, LGBT, comp, what roles, everything. Taking it out takes out SUCH an important aspect of team building. I dont care if a bunch of non-mic using solo players didn’t use it, your input on this doesn’t count. Many of us DID use it, and the game feels worse with it gone