For Real? Seriously?


Neverheard of these terms, but it sounds more like a lighthearted extension to the “tiktok gamers” meme and isn’t deliberately trying be offensive despite its chessy name.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Dudes and dudettes
Cowboy and Cowgirl

And for awhile before this, any female that was playing any fps became were called out as a “gamer girl” while no “gamer boy” existed. it was just, “gamer” and “gamer girl.”


Best case of talking without knowing


Didn’t realise that Genders formed different isomers.



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I have literally never seen this before. Ever.

Maybe you’re on twitter a bit too much.

Maybe you let social media bother you too much.

Next thing you know you’ll be complaining that “ladies and gentlemen” offends you at the start of a show.

This sentence bugs the heck out of me. What the hell is the problem with acknowledging that people are diverse? It’s not like they’re not. Why sweep that under the rug because it makes you uncomfortable? Is it being done in some derogatory fashion?

What are you talking about?

You will have to forgive me. I am in my mid 30’s and basically about as in the loop as your typical dad. I have no idea what you kids are listening to these days for instance but I don’t get why you seem to be so upset.


No…ladies and gentlemen is a proper term. You must use the term eboys and egirls if you were offended by upsetness over it.

I’ll tell you why it’s a problem. It’s dividing males and females as gamers instead of acknowledging them as just “gamers” as a whole. You start separating them there, and it just makes the problem worse for people who play, mostly girls. Common sense actually. See, you being in your mid 30’s might not see the issue here since clearly, you have a hard time understanding that the culture of gaming should not revolve around a term of “lul egirlz” or vice versa.

I am bothered moreso because most girls are already harassed for being a chick for going on mic playing a game and now making the term “egirl” isn’t helping and “eboy” as a thing is just sad. Whether it’s a meme, a troll or not, I heard it being used on comp and it’s as pathetic as Fortnite dances. It’s just constant division here. Don’t know why the term “gamer” can’t be a thing.


I have literally never heard it before. I would be hard pressed to use something I didn’t know existed and extremely reluctant to use a word I didn’t understand. That’s just asking for trouble.

Just so I have this straight. You’re telling me that it’s a slur then? Like the people using it are intentionally provoking women?


now its an lmao thread


I thought it meant “Egg girl”


I would say yes and no, but most do find it a slur since most women say they hate the term and find it dumb. They feel it’s derogatory since it’s a way of saying “girl gamer lulz” in that sort of manner and still not referring to them as a gamer. I find it dumb. Now, some girls are starting to retaliate by calling guy gamers “Eboys” …

You see where I find this really idiotic?


What’s up my Edudes and Edudettes?


Man, that is horrible xD


Its there to help you find the boobs.


Yes. But now I’m wondering… where does this leave Emongg? Should I just call him Mongg now?


But thanks for explaining.


Haha right?

No prob my dude, and sorry for my hostility.



Np all good.

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Hearing “E-Girl” doesn’t really make me think of gamers :kissing_heart:


Gamer just means plays games beyond casual engagement. Its the difference between someone who drives a car and a gearhead.

There’s been this push to stigmatize the term by twitter weirdos. Don’t be surprised if they coin other needless terms to satisfy their hang ups. Just ignore them.