For qp tryhards


Toxic people are toxic. In QP or Comp.

As for this stupid word that keeps popping up in quickplay about TRYHARDING TRYHARDER TRYHARD nonsense, NORMAL people who play this game want to win. So if it means spending a bit of effort in actually trying and picking decent comps, so be it.


There is no wrong game mode, imo. Some players like having offense and defence sides to a match and don’t care about improving SR. Some like quick matches and find QP stats meaningful. It might seem wrong to you, but you wont have to deal with that if you are high/low rank enough, I assume.


Lack of understanding doesn’t make you right.


Well what I mean is when someone picks a character and continuously dies leaving the team at a disadvantage. In that case I really think something isn’t working with their character choice, whether its that they’re being countered by the enemy’s picks, the map we’re on, or our own team synergy. Or maybe they really do just need to practice more in a skirmish or something because they’re unfamiliar with their abilities.

Sometimes all of those things are working against you and it’s better to save playing that character for another time, because not only are you not even going to get to play that character and learn them if you’re living in spawn, but you’re also making it frustrating for the rest of your team. I would think it’s not enjoyable for the individual as well to repeatedly die.

It’s not as if i’d say, “you can never play Mei in QP until you’ve mastered her in practice modes!” but, maybe if you pick her on the first point of junkertown and there’s a pharah/widow etc and she dies repeatedly before she can contribute to the fight, maybe it would be best for everyone to save practicing her for a better situation. That situation could be the next game, it’s not a big deal.

it sucks because often I’m in the mood to play a specific character, but I don’t because i know it would be a bad idea once I que up to the map and see my team comp etc. like people have said, this game is all about counters and switching it up when necessary, it’s part of the game. just because youre practicing doesn’t mean you dont abide by the same courtesies as the rest of us.


It all depends on their mentality. Everybody knows qp isn’t serious but just because people play qp doesn’t mean they’re gonna be happy with their 7th loss with a 5 dps comp in a row.

What you can do is just tell people that you’re gonna be practicing when the game starts. I usually copy+paste a single sentence disclaimer “Hi everyone, I’m practicing X today I hope you don’t mind.”
This doesn’t only sets people’s expectations and usually removes any tryharding attempts – it even gets encouragement and enabling from teammates. I’ve even had people changing their heroes to help me (like a Mercy who regularly boosts/rezzes me to keep me going). Just be a decent person and let people know, they’ll be fine with it.


QP isn’t even in the same ballpark as competitive, it’s not even in the same galaxy or multiverse. I’ve no idea why people seem to think that QP has any resemblance to competitive at this stage. And as said before, if it’s for testing heroes you have FFA. But you also have the opportunity to make your own game and get like minded people to faff around with, without destroying the game for others.


Alternatively, I wish more of the “Tryhard QP” games actually involved serious play, instead of just “Wait guyys, I need another hit from mah pipe.”


The Overwatch website on Quickplay


You pointed the issue: QP should be where to train for comp because it is the closest mod to comp BUT people use it to train heroes not to train for teamplay.
So the best place to train a hero without caring for teamplay is arcade.
You don’t need a payload or a point to train for a hero,you just need a hero and something to shoot at --> arcade.


Hello :slight_smile:

I only play QP and to be honest it’s pretty rare to see ppl blaming other.
Ofc you still encounter some a**, but their not here every game at all.

You just get unlucky.
Mute them, and report them, that all.
It’s a game not a military training camp.


I’m more likely to pick Sym and Torb than they are :laughing:

I don’t report for nothing, It’s cool.


Do you really think there’s anything to be learned playing Arcade? The modes that aren’t even like the actual game and everybody just trolls? Did you ever even play Arcade…?


Absolutely in Deathmatch. Think of a hero like McCree. You can spend hours just practicing getting your flashbang just right and landing your shots in those crucial moments. Same for someone like Genji. You can really practise those secondary fire+melee+dash combos. Obviously it’s not helpful for all heroes but some modes are definitely helpful for some heroes.


I tryhard on qp since I want a unranked match and I don’t play competitive since I don’t have any real motivation to go there and only become frustrated.

You say ‘‘tryhard’’, I say ‘‘doing my best’’, the fact that is a quickplay is not a reason to play poorly or don’t understand things.


On my servers there is this stack that is known for going try hard in every quickplay match they play, they never play comp, they 6 stack, run goats, do coordinated dive and will swap to counter every part of the enemy.

Apparently they only do this because they care about stats?

It’s annoying asf but it feels pretty good when I/my friends beat them because we don’t normally try very hard in quickplay.


imo quickplay is to do whatever you want, if you try hard then fine, if you goof around, go ahead, just don’t force anyone to play how you want.


Those guys actually do everything right. They want to tryhard, but they understand that others may not want it. So, they created a GROUP. Group where, I assume, everyone wants to play like that. Good move, they don’t have to yell at anyone for not playing the way they want, problem solved.

Rest is up to OW balancer to find worthy opponents for them.


I jump in Qp and have a mind set of winning because if I wasn’t, then I would sit around on the spawn room doing nonthing or emote with the enemy team.

Now I am fine what my team pick but what annoys me is when I get like 5 dps and the 5 dps players start switching to a different dps character because they getting annoyed by dieing or just quit.

I think we need another mode competitive but without sr on the line . (Basically off-season)


this is gonna be my reply to everyone who commented on how they play qp. I DONT CARE HOW YOU PLAY WHAT I CARE ABOUT IS YOU NOT TRYING TO FORCE OTHERS TO DO THAT PLAY STYLE TOO. if u tryhard, ok go ahead i wont care but i will if u keep going at in team chat and say nasty words and complain match chat about other people performance or them just not wanting to play the way YOU wanted. if a team goes 5 dps, please consider maybe those guys have been playing comp for the day playing the same role over and over again and want to relax from it, maybe they wan weird crazy comp, WHO KNOWS DONT JUST GO AROUND SAYING OH YOU WANNA LOSE ETC. ik some people use its qp bro chill and they have that right if you lose on qp it wont be the end of your shiny stats, they removed win percantage from qp stats. JUST STOP TRYING TO FORCE OTHERS ON TO HEROES THEY DONT WANT TO PLAY OR FLAME THERE PERFORMANCE. THEY DID A MISTAKE POINT IT OUT AND GO AGANE. they made avoid slots a thing to avoid players you dont wanna que with btw.


It’s a… complicated issue, at least for me. I quit comp long ago because I don’t really care about Sr or golden guns. I don’t mind losing in qp, but I’d still like us to attempt a team comp of some sort.

Getting into a qp game with 5 DPS locked in is winnable sure (anything goes in qp) but doesn’t really bode well for us when the enemy team has tanks and healers, and keeps us stuck at the choke for the full length of the match. I never say anything because you know, it’s qp. But it would be nice if we tried to balance our team, at least a little.