For People Who Speedrun Workshop Modes

What do you guys think of having official leaderboards on Speedrun dot com?

There would be leaderboards for:

  • Lucio Surfing
  • Doomfist Parkour/Rollouts

Also for lava parkour modes:

  • Havana (by Cenlus)
  • Gemster312’s maps (blizzard world, rialto, king’s row, etc)
  • and others like Hanamura Parkour

Other possible ones are:

  • Temple Run
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Aim Trainers (for example try to get 50 elims as fast as possible)

It would create more competition within the workshop modes, if the runs were hosted there I think :slight_smile:

Wdym temple run?

The mode where you have to get past the bastions, from one side of the map to the other. IDK that’s what I see it called in custom games lol.

Robot Strike Volskaya (though not a very popular mode) will also show you the completion time at the end so it could be suitable for speedrunning if anybody finds it interesting/fun enough for that. (A good time for easy mode would be under 1 minute; normal and hard mode take longer to complete; the timer starts as soon as players are teleported out of the spawn room).

Wow wow this app has been so good

There is a leaderboard for lucio surf on their discord Lucio Surf League

Its possible but it’s also very easy to cheat using the Workshop. You could change some values to give yourself an advantage that would be hard to spot.

This is a fun parkour map that gets neglected on speedrun

youtube dot com/watch?v=uxPtCVzo7lA

speedrun dot com/Overwatch_Category_Extensions#Lava_Parkour_Forward_Route

Anyway, Yes community needs to compile a list of each of the gen 1 maps lets call it V1 so the next wave of maps can be called V2 V3 etc as they update. The parent categories on the speedrun dot com is confusing/poorly formatted.

edit: user “imrubic” and “gemster”
also -> reddit dot com/user/Gemster312/posts/

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Yes, I 100% agree. I’ve been trying to get that fixed, but there are many obstacles in the way.