For all the wrist aimers out there

What sensitivity do you use? And also, how do you track people up close?

Rn I’m at 6.4 sens and 800 DPI. I only struggle at tracking people super close to me, but I have REALLY good aim on people 11-15 meters away. Further than that it feels inconsistent to aim.


2.4 800 across the board

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How do you aim???

That’s so low :joy:


My mouse also weights literally nothing so that has to be taken into consideration


I just jack it up to 1000 DPI and 15sensitivity. A full 360 in 8-9cm.

I just randomize my sens for the extra challenge.
hit shots or miss them, no1cares certainly not the server hitreg and io prio.
the game is decided by console inclusion and aim-assist tech.

It’s often different for most heroes, but the majority are somewhere between 5% - 7% and 800 - 900dpi.

Agree with the tracking and aiming things you said. I also have a really hard time with things above me. Aka aiming upwards.

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Ahh yes hello fellow wrist aimer I to enjoying the aiming and clicking activities on my razor Version e6984 mouse on my dell 2048 Fps monitor and my quintuple core harddrive.

adjust mustache

Yes yes don’t mind me just another PC gamer.


3000 DPI and 2 in game :slight_smile:

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I just use 1000dpi and 5 in game sens. I could never get into tracking with a super low sens. Using my arm to aim feels so unnatural and I was just never able to get used to it. Wrist aimers rise up!


I am using 6.75 in-game sensitivity with 1,000 DPI.

You wrist aim with this? That’s insane. I’m at 2.3 1k and I arm aim.


wrist aim 400 dpi - 8 in game.

Very light mouse so no effort to move much

6.7 in-game, 1600 mouse DPI.

Been at it for 6-7 years ish.

I move the camera with my arm and aim with my wrist.

800 dpi @4.0 sens


if i want to play a wristy aim hero i either just man up and use my 3200edpi (800 x 4) sens and wreck my mouse feet or ill raise it to like 4800edpi (800 x 6) for tracer/genji

i prefer lower sens’s but ive played on both the arm sens’s and the wrist sen’s for 6+ years now so i can swap between them fairly freely since ive trained my technique for both types of aim.

the reason for this is because you main tracer, even on a wrist aim sens you can still have good 20-40m range accuracy you just have to train it.

the main difference between tracer and other dps heroes isnt even her cooldown usage its learning how to engage at a completely different range then everyone else.

she’s best played at 7-10m roughly so its no surprise your aim past 15m is alot less consistent.

your technique for that part of your aim has never been trained.

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Overwatch 2 Best Settings :gear: COMPLETE GUIDE (2023) :gear: - YouTube

Best tutorial ever does every character, Take like 15-25min to set it up.

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YES. I seriously don’t know how people can use their arm. It’s so clunky and imprecise

Oh so you’re FAST fast :joy:

Even FASTER fast

That’s true. My aim is at it’s peak at exactly 11 meters and get worse the closer or further I get.


you have to actively train it.

if i recall correctly kabaji used to have a guide video that showed a training routine that involved improving close range aim.

conceptually you just do that for close and long range.

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I watched it. Pretty sure it was before VAXTA, but I’ll try it out.