Focus on yourself, not on others

This is something that everyone should be working on now that it’s a 5v5 instead of a 6v6 with one tank removed. While the game is still very much team-oriented, you as an individual have much more direct influence on the outcome of your games than what we had previously- especially if you’re a tank and/or DPS player.

As far as support goes, it is very understandable that it seems as though they have less direct influence in match considering that they’re there to support the teammates that are trying to get kills. That is because it is your decisions that have a direct impact during the heat of battle, rather than just healing teammates. Support heroes possess abilities that can mean the difference between saving your team from a losing fight, and providing windows of opportunities for them to take. Do not take these abilities for granted. Understand the hero that you’re playing and know when the best time to use them is.

Yes, you’re going to get some bad apples every now and then- some more often than others- but flaming your team for their shortcomings is not going to magically make them better; in fact, it should be pretty obvious that 99% of the time, it only makes it worse. Sometimes games are unwinnable, and that’s OK. There will always be another game and another opportunity to get better. Always stop and ask yourself, “What could I have done better at?” and “What could I have done differently in that scenario?”

Improve yourself. Your skills, your attitude and your ability to communicate.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.


Hey I’m trying man but I just had a push map where I think there was at most 2 kills on my team and the opposing team was bulldozing us. They literally walked the bot in 3 minute to the other end unopposed. Some games there is just nothing you can do unless you’re a god. That’s right the game lasted 3 minutes…


Unfortunately, those game will happen sometimes, even in GM matchups. And those are the ones that are especially the hardest to walk off.

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Definitely but try playing close to 200 games with skewed skill ratings and stay positive while in Bronze 5.

That’s where most complaints came from: Addressing the Bronze 5 issue all in one thread

If we are moving up/down and seeing progress, no one is going to complaint or at least we know where the problem is but staying in the same rank after 4 adjustments, it’s just demotivating.

What could I have done better? Stop trying hard and create a new account.