Flex pass isn't for me

Thank you devs for making the flex pass system.
I on the other hand are looking for games where people play their main role, and do it well. Please give me an option to do so, or make another 3-3-3 comp setup that does not have the flex pass system.

Thanks for all that you do.

Just to give a heads up, the development team was expecting the starting days of the new feature to have players playing roles they may be rusty or not as good at. Details here:

They gotta do something like this:

  • Not FlexQ + Lost = no pass rewarded
  • Not Flex Q + Won = 1 pass rewarded
  • Flex Q + Lost = 1 pass rewarded
  • Flex Q + Won = 3 passes rewarded

This way intentionally losing on Flex Q isn’t more rewarding than not queuing Flex.

Playing flex for winning is the most rewarded while not flexing and losing is the least rewarded.

I appreciate the heads up. I would rather wait on a game that has players waiting in q for their main role, than to have more games per hour. Quality over quantity

Whenever I see this comment, I always ask the same question. How long are you willing to wait? An hour? 4 hours? A Day?

In the end, to restrict skill rating between more players more tightly would mean increasing wait times for certain players to that long (especially those with extremely low/high skill ratings and/or play in low-player population regions).

Besides, I would say lets give it time and see how games shift in the next week or so. Anyone who has a rusty skill rating for an old role they don’t frequently play should adjust according as they play it more.

It’s not that much of a difference in wait time anyway. My friend and I are doing the same

I have waited over an hour for a battleground in wow / wow classic. Wait times mean nothing to me.

EDIT: Alt tab and watch something on Youtube, or skirmish. A small price to pay for QUALITY matches.

So, i can still get ticket for playing DPS specifically, even if it’s only 1?

He is making a proposal to an idea. This is not official.

Just because it isn’t their main role, that doesn’t mean they won’t do their best :confused:
My main role is support, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do my best with tank or dps roles.

Only if you win. Which means you can try again. If you lose, you’d lost a pass.

This way you’d queue flex because you wanna win, or else there would be no difference or be worse if you don’t queue flex at all and lose.

I’m at odds with this.
Because on one hand, it would stop people from throwing to get the passes.
On the other hand, it doesn’t seem quite right for people who flex to actually try and win.