Flats (T500 Main Tank) [OW Team] Suggested Changes

I dont think anyone sane enough would suggest 2 Torb turrets yet it happened.
No one with a reasonable grasp of things would suggest more HP to Tracer, if anything she needs that range buff reverted,not any kind of buff.
Whoever was responsible for veto-ing, certainly missed a few blatantly broken things in a card that was supposed to be their chance to show how things could be done correctly. Not that half serious, half joke mess they created.


Ok. So if Orisas shield is removed along with these other changes.

Why would I ever play Orisa? She seems like she would be useless with these changes.

Basically, make Roadhog even more the worst tank ever, buff Winston that is fine already, take away weakness from rein zarya

please can we stop joking?

Literally the patch that ruined balance in October lol

this is so freaking bias

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These changes are terrible

And yet people still think that being higher ranked somehow makes you good at balancing the game :zzz:


It’s just not true though. It is NOT true that the POINT of these changes is that they’re silly.

They’re not fun or funny enough for that. They’re not daft or crazy or zany or cool or ‘out there’.

It’s the same problem that the ‘Pro ExC’ had. Half of them tried to solve perceived balance problems, and half of them were stupid changes that I presume were supposed to be funny? But you can’t test one set against the other.

I don’t know if Flats and his community were asked to give some ideas, but I hope to God they don’t bother with these ones.


We can agree on that…health buffs feel lazy. The issue is her having to get so close in the first place.

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Odd because I can see the issue being addressed by every single one of the changes even if I do not agree with the methodology of doing so.

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nope. cool formatting. but nope.

These are some really bad ideas.

tbh a community created card could actually settle some arguments.

I am no Hog fan, but these feel overly punitive, unless this is all squarely aimed at one tank in OW 2…

Zarya’s primary pulling people in… now that could be interesting… but no way in heck would I give her Sym’s beam. And I play both characters.

Considering OW is a MOBA shooter, that isn’t exactly an incorrect stance to take.

You aren’t wrong about this. However, the counter point is that even with his levels of tank synergy both him and Emongg can explode in 1-2 seconds. If you watch his stream, you know this happens regularly. If it can happen to them with all of their synergy and teamwork, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

You seem to be under the impression that fixing the dps queue is not an intractable problem. I’m sorry, but the difference in size the tank/support populations and that of dps is too drastically different. You would have to drop to 1-3-1 to even get close to equalizing the queues of the 3 populations. Otherwise, the relative differences between the 3 population will always result in longer dps queue times.

The best move for Blizz would be to incentivize dps to switch to support for OW2 since it will most likely become the bottleneck for creating games. Juding by the queue times for tank and support, the difference between the support and tanking populations is less than a factor of two (I estimate it to be maybe 25-35% more supports than tanks based on the queue times I see/experience). By making support play more like fps dps (Bapt is a good model to use) that might convince dps to switch to support. This sort of design philosophy is more likely to help dps queues than drawing dps to the tank role in OW2.

Your assertion that tanks will become more popular is mere conjecture. The chances that dps are going to switch to tank are very low, it has been like that in every game that uses the Holy Trinity of tank, dps and support. Blizz tried to incentive tanking in WoW with every expansion, but it never caused a big enough sway in queue times for dps. Other games have tried similar tactics for them to only provide temporary relief at best. I expect a similar result in OW2: dps see some reduced queue times for a month or two, and then reversion to queues that are similar to what they currently experience.

The only caveat is moving a couple of dps characters tank and bringing their entire following with them. Granted, that might happen with Doomfist, but so far the other option, Mei, seems to be staying in the dps category. This also relies on the assumption that the switch to the tank role doesn’t alienate a sizeable portion of the following for those heroes due to the mechanical changes that will be required to make him function as a tank; however, that is probably going to be a polarizing decision under the best of circumstances.

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Nowhere in this list is Orisa’s shield removed. That is not a part of the changes suggested.
Believe it or not, the Orisa changes would be a massive buff for organized play given the new Halt radius and reduced cooldown.

Happy I got that down! Just transferring a message. :heart:

“This is our joke card! Totally to have fun! Wacky ideas! Give Junkrat 5 more damage on his trap and no changes to Moira. Oh, and don’t forget to dumpster Hammond! Oh, yeah, and buff Mei’s secondary fire!”

The real joke was they thought it was a good idea. Sadly, repeating that joke doesn’t make it funnier, it just makes it a bad lounge act.


Is very impressive looking in the sense I did not know we could create such text / images on these Forums. I had to Quote you just to see How you did all of this Magic.

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I actually was around when this guide was first written. It used to be pinned, I think? Or at least, it should have been. Regardless - I tend to find myself returning, even now.

I definitely recommend it! There’s a lot I have never needed to use, despite knowing where to look.


GM+ Streamers in a nutshell. “Strong” this and “Good” that whenever their favorite heroes are overpowered. Getting all hot and happy when their favorite hero is able to secure kills with no counter-play whatsoever, as if the enemy players are just bots there to be blown up. Meanwhile if they make a mistake and an enemy hero is able to punish them, it’s totally unfair and that hero is broken/overpowered. Of course they benefit financially when their audience believes they simply outplay everyone, and never get outplayed.

Changing the channel doesn’t help. Nearly every high-ranking streamer thinks like this and talks like this, and it’s so endemic within their community that they are just completely unaware of how narrow-minded they sound to rational people. And these are the folks that the developers choose to get their balancing input from. Let’s just say… it explains some things.


She has to get close and spend time charging her beam to level 3.

I don’t think the devs realize that Sym’s right click is her true primary fire, if you TP flank, it’s best to do it with a charged orb. If someone jumps on you or you’re dueling a support without level 2/3 beam, then you have to hit your 2 right clicks… It takes less time than killing them with the beam.