Flats (T500 Main Tank) [OW Team] Suggested Changes

Destroy the role? No. I agree with that.

Destroy certain heroes in the role? Absolutely. He wouldn’t shed a tear if Orisa, Sigma, Hammond, and Hog all vanished.

These ball changes are scaring me… piledriving from a basic jump is just lazy and I’m not sure why I keep seeing it in experimental custom games. Just lowers his skill ceiling tbh, and I’m glad to see the community hasn’t gotten over calling for that one adaptive shield nerf


Hog would literally need to be renamed Bacon after this butchering.

Sorry, that’s a resounding nay nay for me. The suggestions for Dva and hamster are bad. Particularly the 3.5s max hook duration.

Those Orisa changes make me want to throw up. Absolutely horrific.


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This should be at top of main post. Everyone is taking these as a balance patch idea.

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Again , soo biased changes , buffs for heroes flats and emmong play and nerfs to the rest with a bunch of stupid ones , a lot of forum users here do better than this .
Plz don’t bring these biased suggestions again , it is soo obvious.

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It is, granted not with the same words. It’s right before the HTML Anchors and Changelog list. It was either ignored or skipped over.

Doesn’t he study game design or something?


These changes are more biased (and outright bad, IMHO) than some of the forum “balance patches” I’ve seen. This is just a “buff my main(s) massively and nerf all competition into uselessness” patch. “It’s just a mock-up” isn’t an excuse when the bias is so blatant. Are there really people who listen to this guy?

this would make him the worst hero in the game

Are these for the live game or OW2?

Am I the only one seeing the change for pilot d.va to do 200 damage with melee

Yet another example of how streamers don’t have a clue about balance any more than your typical Gold player does and why Blizzard should stop listening/catering to them.

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Yeah if all the changes were added, but as the OP said, it’s a brainstorm. The intention is not that all the changes for each hero to be considered 1 change. It’s like 1 from them.

Honestly seems more like people just can’t read.


200 damage baby dva LMAOOOOOO

What’s the point of that if your going to be using the “Phone home.”

lol pointless

He expressly stated during the stream (sometime between 2hrs 10m and 3hrs) that he wasn’t told by Team 4 which version to make the changes for.

The only real limitation that he was given was “If it has to be animated, it will NOT happen”. Like adding an extra orb to Sigma’s primary.

They wouldn’t both go in, is the point. Brainstorming as many ideas as possible is part of the reason why I believe he took several ideas from chat.

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I like the raidus change and the range change.

I think thats a fine idea.

The… booster change could be fine? ig?

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I think buffing her niche of being the “mobile” Tank alongside Wrecking Ball would be quite beneficial, honestly. Especially if they don’t touch her crit box or armor values at all. Make that trip back from spawn a bit faster.

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Any buff to any tank in the current state of the game would break them.

That’s actually the point :slight_smile: