Flats (T500 Main Tank) [OW Team] Suggested Changes

200 damage baby dva LMAOOOOOO

What’s the point of that if your going to be using the “Phone home.”

lol pointless

He expressly stated during the stream (sometime between 2hrs 10m and 3hrs) that he wasn’t told by Team 4 which version to make the changes for.

The only real limitation that he was given was “If it has to be animated, it will NOT happen”. Like adding an extra orb to Sigma’s primary.

They wouldn’t both go in, is the point. Brainstorming as many ideas as possible is part of the reason why I believe he took several ideas from chat.

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I like the raidus change and the range change.

I think thats a fine idea.

The… booster change could be fine? ig?

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I think buffing her niche of being the “mobile” Tank alongside Wrecking Ball would be quite beneficial, honestly. Especially if they don’t touch her crit box or armor values at all. Make that trip back from spawn a bit faster.

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Any buff to any tank in the current state of the game would break them.

That’s actually the point :slight_smile:


Sassy AndyB!!!

How are you!

Also, could these changes go on a “fake experimental” or something?

Like a community created card?

What an interesting thought


mccree finally loses that 25 health and Symmetra gets a longer beam :thinking:

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Thank you for saying it

People are taking these way too seriously like he was trying to literally balance the game


Just make sure to not let anyone from OWL get even close to the suggestions. We all saw how that horrorshow turned out the last time.

Either get people whose livelyhood dosnt depend on certain characters being broken.
Just get whoever created the April fools patch and tell him/her to do something like that again.


This would give distinction between a card intended to go to live made by the devs vs a community made, let’s try it out, kind of deal.

Deal 100% would be down for that

Everyone loses their extra 25 hp :slight_smile:

I mean it’s not like his serious balance takes are much better.

Which is what makes it genuinely difficult to know if these are joke ideas, or probably just bad ideas.

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That could be said for 90% of the community

Well, my main perspective on Flats is that he’s unhappy unless specific Tanks are meta, notably Rein/Winston.

And that he’s perfectly fine dumpstering tanks like Roadhog or Orisa to get there.

And generally he leans towards the “Tanks should be designed like they come from a MOBA” perspective.

As the beneficiary of perhaps one of the best tank duos outside of pros. He enjoys levels of Tank synergy that barely any of the playerbase gets.

And generally seems pretty indifferent towards fixing queue times. (If it’s not a problem for Tanks, it’s not a problem, right?)

Additionally, with the loss of a Tank duo partner with Emongg, and Tanks becoming more popular. He could essentially be losing a large portion of his “streamer marketshare”.


Only the ones with CC, on-demand mobility and a 300 damage secondary fire :o

That sums up 90% of the community. There’s 3 main tanks (not counting ball), rein Winston and Orisa. We’ve seen what happens when Orisa is meta and people HATED it. People like Winston rein metas because the game is faster and opens up more


They also should’ve given Sym a longer range beam instead of more hp

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