Flats on 5V5 (trust me he's speaking the truth)

Problem with that logic: OW2 is primarily meant for PVE and will have a bunch of new features in addition to the changes in gameplay. For example, new characters like Sojourn and, most likely, Junker Queen and whoever that Omnic was from the Storm Rising ending.

Also again, just because the current game is in a bad state does not mean any changes made to the sequel will fix it. Just because someone is sick doesn’t mean cyanide works as well as cough syrup.

The way I see it, the PVE is just a marketing push to get people on the door and revitalize PVP.

But if they don’t do something to hold onto the PVP players during the first 3 weeks, then that marketing is a total waste.

Sure. And it might work.

Sure. But again, cyanide and cough syrup are not just as good as each other.

I mean I don’t see a problem with losing 1% of the playerbase is it gains them 10-20% more players.

I don’t know where you’re getting your numbers from, but at this point, nobody can be sure if either of those things will happen.

Perhaps, but that’s why I’ve been working on a “This is how you balance fix Overwatch 2”.
No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

I’m not really interested in theorycrafting, since everybody has their own ideas, and there’s no way to really know how good things will balance until both top level and ladder experience it.

You do know how its gonna play though, change is just a new meta, it isnt like the game is becoming hello kitty island adventure. It still the same game with new maps and game modes. People act like its a brand new shooter…

Well it’s mostly just a big rehaul in removing the power from a lot of defensive abilities, and then broad scale rebalancing to accommodate for that.

I mean the guy was a huge beneficiary of Tank duoing. So of course he doesn’t want that to go away.

As for “just play meta” what good is that Tank bans get a lot easier with only 1 Tank player per team.

The Pros are the main reason Blizzard has been going in an FPS direction for 3 years. OW2 is their fault, but at least the rest of us will be able to have fun again.

If this person wants old OW back, its WAY too late & the Pros were fine with Tanks & Healers getting nerfed again and again in favor of DPS. But OW2 is too much?

it’s hard being a better tank when all tank will be reworked into a different role. And it’s not about being “better” it’s the fact that right now people are hired as either off tank or main tank specialist, so they are being forced to retrain their entire skillset or be fired.
For what? So blizzard can hide long queue times?

this is the level of internalized irrational hatred i was talking about. Do you think “pros” are a gargantuan hive mind bent on ruining your game?
Do you realize how messed up is to wish ill on a group of people you blame for your problems on a game?

Blizzard balances OW with ONLY the Pros in mind. That top to bottom way of balancing is why OW1 isnt fun for the majority anymore. Hell, wasnt the Pros involved in making a patch that made it to Live?

If the Pros werent the cause, then the game would be still old OW, all 3 roles would still matter instead of DPS reigning supreme, QP & Arcade wouldnt be plagued with Comp tryhards, or better yet, all the Pro-intended patches wouldve been exclusive to Comp, be completely separate from QP & Arcade. That wouldve been a nice balance.

Name one other game that abandons 99% of its playerbase. EVO is huge, yet every fighting game franchise thats apart of it arent outright unplayable for everyone except the minority that knows every single combo.

Alot of the game’s problems right now are the Pros’ fault. I long since had enough of playing as a real Tank or Healer & anticipate Blizzard’s FPS direction being fully realized. That “can’t beat them, join them” expression hasnt been so on-point.

OW2 caters to the Pros more, but the rest of us arent abandoned this time. So these Pros are hypocrites.

yep, yoy just are angry at a random demographic you can easily blame for all your problems.
DPS have always been the least impactful role, the only meta that was ever dps driven was double sniper.

what leads you to believe this?

I find this to be a bit misleading. How are we defining “impact” here, anyway?

Besides that, ideally every role should have equal impact, but I don’t even know if that’s possible. Most people seem to be advocating for DPS to have the MOST impactful role, and I don’t understand why.

Enough with that lie.

I dont see Doomfist getting the Brig treatment in favor of Healer mains.

I dont see Tracer or Genji getting nerfed to death in favor of Tank mains.

Not once were DPS NOT “fun to play”. Not even Bastion. And what makes up almost the entire roster now? Damage dealers.

Tanks & Healers were the ones that got all the nerfs. How the hell is DPS the weakest when that role never gets its effectiveness taken away like Tanks & Healers always do?

Blizzard’s FPS direction that even Jeff wanted for OW.


i’m talking about in terms of expendability. Aside from a few outliers dps are the easier one to swap in any meta.
Even dive wasn’t stuck with tracer genji 100%, while healers and tanks had way less wiggle room.
This game is objective based, so tanks are bound to be the protagonists, while overwatch healers truly are busted under any sane metric. Heal creep has been a huge issue ever since ana was introduced, 50 hps mercy should’ve been the “big heals” standard

because the game is objective based, so no matter what tanks will always be king. Don’t mix “fun to play” with “strong”, something you are constantly doing

i meant what leads you to believe we aren’t being abandoned this time

I dont like 5vs5 either, I just dont like the argument with jobs because it makes no sense

Flats? More like fats.

Delaying the undeniable and ending something for no reasons are 2 differences

If you have a cat, you dont kill her just because she dies anyway, but if your cat is old and will die soon anyway and doesnt feel good you let her go asleep.

Same with OWL, there is no reason to remove jobs for no reason, but if it has a reason you shouldnt delay it just for the heck of it

I dont say end everything for no reason, I say if it has a reason to get ended then do it now instead of delaying it unnessecary

Doesnt this then proof my point that 5vs5 doesnt hurt anyone? Everyone who is currently in OWL will retire in the next 3 years anyway, if you make OW a 5vs5 you dont take a job “away”, you just dont create new jobs for future people. You dont take people their job away, you just dont give them the chabce to get it in the first place and acorsing to your argument you just had thats something different