Flats on 5V5 (trust me he's speaking the truth)

They could have went with 7v7 and accomplished the same thing of lowering queue times but without making the game awful for tank players.

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What fraction of Tank players would you suspect deeply enjoys being a punching bag with legs, that rarely ever goes for kills?

What fraction of tank players want to tank alone?


I see it more like tank players actually get to dictate how tanking gets done, rather than losing because their offtank teammate is yoloing into the enemy backline.

Throw in having a much more narrow range of SR they get matched into, with much more equally matched games.

Which is cute if you main reinhardt, but how in the lords am I going to vs a reinhardt as Dva? Can’t block earth shatter nor have a usefull shield.

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So then if she’s missing those capabilities, then give her those capabilities.

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Perhaps, so I’m not sure why we should care about Flats’ opinion.

Will OWL tanks get cut? I don’t think so, they just won’t see a whole lot of playtime. Rosters will still need a deep pool, and having some tank players specialize and generalize is a good thing.

Just because someone’s good at a game doesn’t make anything they say any more valuable than the next player.

Then is the title worthy of having the word ‘truth’ in it?

I take issue with people thinking a streamer’s opinion is ‘truth’.

Flats isn’t a developer, he doesn’t get to see under the hood. He’s just a driver, going along for the ride. Can he share his opinion? Of course, but our OP here clearly puts ‘truth’ and ‘trust’.

Why should I trust the streamer and this poster?

GREAT. The OWL is why Overwatch has been going in an FPS direction for 3 years & why OW1 isnt fun anymore except for the 1% of the playerbase.

So its funny that a Pro is complaining. Blizzard’s DPS favoritism is because of the Pros.

Blizzard are already doing that. Killing barriers & turning defenders into DPS like Hog & Hammond, one by one.

Wont be much to learn when Zarya & others will be DPS.

Wasnt everyone talking so much s— about GOATS? Which is a huge reason OW2 is going with 5v5.

Current OW already doesnt resemble old OW.

OW2 will scrap teamwork. Not to mention, 5v5 means 1 less teammate to worry about. So, crappy teammates wont hold others back because it will be possible to win alone. If anythin, that will DECREASE frustration. More so if overtime is taken out of QP & Arcade.

Ironic that a Pro says this. Again, those top players are the cause.

So what’s the issue, when OW2 will cater to them even more? Or is the issue that the 99% get to have fun again, meaning they cant dominate tons of matches, cant get alot of killstreak videos like they used to?

Idk how to describe this. Maybe hypocritical.

I don’t know if that’s true for the first 3 years of the game as everyone was already out on an exodus. If anything, a lot of streamers, pros, expressed feelings of annoyance or frustration with too team reliant, shields, and annoying abilities like cc or spam. So, I don’t think the move to the FPS direction is the problem or the cause, just the direction they decided to move towards to address it.

i genuinely like how most of the rebbuttals boil down to “he’s a pro so he’s bad and i hate him” and “lol no 5v5 rocks” with no arguments.
Flats is very right about how solo tanking with feel and it’s not a “bro just wait for balance changes”, the part about “play meta or lose” will be true and tanking will most likely feel like a chore. No amount of balance can change this fact.

And he’s VERY right about devs saying “double main tank is bad” because it shows devs don’t even understand tanks in the first place, so how can you expect them to make good balance changes?

i see a lot of internalized hate for pros.
Guys, being happy people lose their jobs because you perceive them as the reason a GAME you play went in a different direction is scary

Problem with this argument: 5v5 could make the game even less fun to play. Queue times won’t matter if the game is even less fun/more broken.

True enough, but the same could be said of just maintaining the status quo.

That statement is logically impossible. The “status quo” literally means a state of unchange. A status quo literally cannot “make the game even less fun to play”.

I think what you mean is “the status quo isn’t any fun to play either”. In which case…sure. But that doesn’t mean that all change is good change.

Except the point still stands
“Overwatch 2 is supposed to be a sequel but it’s still the old tired dead game that lost a bunch of it’s playerbase, with some PVE tacked on that people burned through in 2 weeks”

I’m happy for the game. If solo tank role forces a bunch of pro tank players out of a job, than that’s their fault for not being a better tank. Everyone’s job isn’t totally secure, esports isn’t any different. If they want to keep their job, then they have to earn it.

Problem with that logic: OW2 is primarily meant for PVE and will have a bunch of new features in addition to the changes in gameplay. For example, new characters like Sojourn and, most likely, Junker Queen and whoever that Omnic was from the Storm Rising ending.

Also again, just because the current game is in a bad state does not mean any changes made to the sequel will fix it. Just because someone is sick doesn’t mean cyanide works as well as cough syrup.

The way I see it, the PVE is just a marketing push to get people on the door and revitalize PVP.

But if they don’t do something to hold onto the PVP players during the first 3 weeks, then that marketing is a total waste.

Sure. And it might work.

Sure. But again, cyanide and cough syrup are not just as good as each other.