"Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the client to crash"

I’ve had the client crash more times since this has been put into the patch notes than I have in the 2 years I’ve had the game…

Any word on another fix?


I looked over our internal logs and it doesn’t seem that your PC sent us any crash reports of any type recently. Could you please describe what error message / error code you get when the crash happens? How often does it happen? Also, how long ago did this start for you?

If you can also post a DxDiag using these instructions that will help as well. Once you have that made, open the file. You’ll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post using the “Code” button (</>). This will give me some more information which I can use to dig deeper into this case.

My bad, I realise it’s not a client crash, it’s loss of connection to server.

But it happened 3 times tonight within about 5 mins of each other and the same thing has happened several times over the past week or so

Understood. If you haven’t tried anything to troubleshoot this, we’ve got a general list of pro tips you can use for this kind of thing which may help.

Other than that, though, I’d see if you can get us a WinMTR test that actually catches a disconnection. We can usually use that to find problems between your house and our servers. You take a different path to us than anywhere else, probably so if there’s a problem between your pc and one of our servers that can contribute to seemingly random disconnections. Just run the test in this link while playing. Make sure to get the IP from the network graph every game. Keep restarting the test every game and using the new server IP you get in each match. If you do this until you see a DC and post it here, we can usually find any issues with that data.