Fix Your Servers

Over the past couple months the server performance has been un-excusable with disconnects/reconnects and connection lag happening in almost every other match I play. It is awful for the competitive aspect. Do not give me BS on how it’s my ISP, I have no other issues with any other game that I play, including other Blizzard games, only this one. Fix it.

Sorry to be blunt, but your connection being fine to other Blizzard games is meaningless. I had a connection issue with WoW for several months because of packet loss in Houston on the way to the WoW server I play on. Severs are located in different geographic locations, which means you can have an issue with one and nothing else you connect to. Do you want to troubleshoot, or just leaving “feedback”? If you want to work on a resolution, start with these steps:

You just literally stated it was STILL a server issue in your post. So, YES it does have to do with what games he plays. If the server is having issue, wherever that may be, then it’s NOT his fault. Perhaps Blizzard should start working on their resolutions for these continued issues that many have posted about before.

And I do have to point out that the post you linked may be valid in some cases, however, they are really just saying it’s never “our” fault, it’s yours bahahaha come on now. If EVERY other game works fine and somehow their’s does not, it’s their issue not ours. Been discussed and proven time and time again. Simple google searches and youtube searches verify this.