Fix your broken matchmaking

And do something about the ridiculous smurfing that’s ruining the game. Ruining the game for low elo players trying to progress and learn in the ranks they’re supposed to be at that keep getting deranked by horrible match making and smurfing.

You dinguses promised biweekly balance changes. So where are they?! Your computers don’t work from hole during covid?!


you are not progressing, you are hardstucking, that’s the actual reason of smurf issue for you. You are not only one who wants to play at lower elo, so don’t complain or we double daily dose of smurfs at your matches, so u get better faster. Learn to be gm in gold already.

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Not gonna lie, ever since the seasonal SR cap I’ve seen less smurfs from 27xx-32xx.

Individual results may vary of course but… That’s just what I’ve seen. They are still there… But definitely less prevalent.

People you think are smurfs are usually just someone in your Elo popping off…

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Do you think Blizzard would mind if someone published known flaws in matchmaking which are already used by chinese account-boosting companies?

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