Fix the backfill issue

The amount of backfill games that I’m placed in is insane. You’ve addressed that this will be fixed, and I understand the need to backfill sometimes. The problem is when you get backfilled into a game and instantly the “DEFEAT” screen pops up, or when you’re backfilled into a game that is 15-30 seconds away from being done. Please fix this asap.

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The development team is aware of this issue and hopes to improve that situation. No ETA on this however.

As a reminder, if you complete a backfilled match without leaving, the next match you queue into should not be a backfill.

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It can still happen every other match, though. As it did for me yesterday, up to 4 or 5 backfills. Since I never leave, I should never get backfill. Simples. If the leavers get all the backfill and thus quit the game entirely, fine. Then there won’t be any leavers left.

How about a backfill exp multiplier for every game you stick to. I still want to play a full game but if I can’t would be nice to get more exp for consecutive games that I didnt even participate in.

Tell that to the 8 in a row I got. Which made be never do backfill again. Two where games I could do something for a few minutes. 6 where all DEFEAT. Backfill can suck it. If you want to abuse me playing tank like that.

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I love backfilling. Sometimes I feel bad for the other team, but not usually. I dont queue for RQ dps though. That would suck to have to requeue all over after waiting 7-10 minutes. Hopefully express queue or whatever its called will address this. Thankfully they have other things you can do while you wait. Also, that’s the price you pay for insisting you get tanks and healers on your (and the other) team, I guess.

Maybe just stick around through the defeat till the game puts you into a new lobby?

Where’s the harm?