Fix matchmaking: awful doom / ball tanks that ruin games

I was just in a game where my tank, who played doom, was dead within the first 10 seconds of almost every fight. I couldn’t do anything 90% of the match because we had no tank.

What part of this awful gaming experience does bliz think is okay? This scenario happens probably every 3 or 4 matches at least, and if the tank is doom or ball, there’s a 90% this will happen. If the pattern is this obvious to me, it’s MASSIVELY obvious to bliz, who has tons of data on this. Most high level players I have heard agree that the tank is the single most important role on any team.

In other words, bliz knows when they give you this tank, that your gaming experience is going to be awful. Is this really necessary? Either for matchmaking, queue times, or something else? If so, can you instead eg give players an option to sacrifice game quality for queue times?

Bottom line: calling this a poor gaming experience is an understatement to the extreme. Giving people tanks like that make it - not just “less fun,” but awful. Streamers and players comment on this scenario CONSTANTLY. I would bet it’s one of the single highest visibility problems in the game - so what is bliz doing about it?

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Bad matchmaking is when someone plays bad on my team. Good matchmaking is when my team carries me.

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Listen, as much as I don’t want to defend Blizz, they can’t control who picks what hero and who won’t swap off when they die every team fight.

Since the Zarya buffs, I’m more frustrated with Dvas right now.

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Those games arent fun, but honestly the thing that annoys me is that im going to rank down because of it. Im not perfect every game by any stretch, and i have games where im bordering on throwing, but i dont want my teammates to get punished in those cases. Unfortunately you know that your mmr is getting adjustes down because of some moron that feeds his brains out.


If the so called brainless Doom or Ball player is going in… surely it’s best to just go agro and go in with them.

If you’re going to lose, might as well go down together.

Might even turn the tide in fights given them some back up.


No no no no, if your tank picks ball you sit at the choke for the entire match and ask them repeatedly why they are initiating while you hold S every single time they go past the choke.


“We can’t have a teamfight until we win the teamfight!” is such a great thing to encounter as a tank player.

It’s why I stopped playing tank! well that and Discord + Ana on every map


This is about half of my games on ball.

“ball you suck, syk, what are you doing, we have no frontline”

*meanwhile ball has been fighting 4 of the 5 enemy team for the last 2 minutes off point on their spawn side while his team stands in the choke scared of Torb and his mighty turret

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What is most baffling is how they still don’t realize we Ball mains won’t stop, won’t swap, and complaining about it just makes us want to do it even more.

And if the old “listen to me or I throw” was never a very successful ultimatum in ow1, imagine using it while the game is in its most casual state it’s even been.


With all due respect, you’re likely, mostly wrong here. Bliz is capturing a ton of data on your every move during the game. They can’t “make someone switch,” but they EASILY know which people don’t switch. They know when they’re putting you on a team with a doom one trick, facing off against a team skilled at countering dooms.

They know you are going to lose, and they know that game is going to suck for you, and they know that you have no choice but to wait until it’s over anyway.

Great game, right?

So much copium in this thread.

Ball & Doom are good in the right hands, but if the player is bad it doesnt matter what tank they pick, blame the workman not his tools.

Also you sure your team is picking a suitable comp around a dive tank?

The only strong tank is orisa but she is the fun police, OP boring tank for supa try-hards.

I think it’s because there are less tank players and the role is really struggling. That Doom probably got countered without knowing it. Yeah, a good tank would know his counters, but they were probably new.

I mean, are you diving with them? How bad can a ball be at diving in

This is exactly the problem. Bliz knows when there are players like this guy - playing a character who is getting hard countered, etc - who refuses to switch, and doesn’t care that it makes the game miserable for their team. Forget even that they’re going to lose - losing happens. The point is the game is miserable because you can’t even play, but you can’t leave either.

Bliz has tons of data to know EXACTLY who these tanks are, and they don’t care. They’re fine to make their players miserable. Watch any streamer and they’ll tell you how MISERABLE these games are, talk to anyone who wants to play hard and climb, they’ll tell you how miserable these games are - bliz doesn’t care. They’re fine that you’re having a terrible game play experience.

I can’t speak for everyone but I can assure you that at least 95% of the time I’m playing Ball in comp it’s because I am trying my best to win the game and believe switching would lessen my chances. You may disagree but it’s ultimately my decision so I’d rather you and people like you focused on yourself and what you could do to help our team win instead.

sounnds like a bad tank,

Your statement just now is “generally” acceptable - anytime someone is doing their best to win, that’s generally acceptable. This is also substantially different in tone from your previous message, where you said “ball mains won’t switch.” That sentiment is generally UNACCPETABLE in a game that is 1) team based and 2) where winning often involves some combination of roles that counter the enemy team.

Related to above, if “95% of the time I’m playing ball because I think it’s the best way to win” means you’re playing ball 90%+ of the time - probably you’re wrong. I don’t know if any character in this game can be played that often and not get countered - and I’m 90%+ certain it doesn’t apply to tanks especially.

Bottom line: whether you’re just wrong (you genuinely think playing ball 90%+ of the time is the best way to go), or you just don’t care about others - I actually think that’s fine (so to speak). It’s on BLIZ to match you with other one-trick teammates who are similarly wrong, and you can all lose your games together, or at least have a poor gaming experience when you’re all getting hard-countered and can’t figure out why.

The matchmaker isn’t performing some sort of voodoo magic to make tank players choose and play Doomfist or Wreckingball.