Fix comp player drop issue and SR

lol no you can’t…the leaver penalty stacks for comp games. and if you are really that desperate and want to buy your way into SR, then that’s just sad. However, this SR adjustment for leavers would be more suited for those not in groups.

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That is incorrect. It only stacks if you have multiple leaves in a short span of games. I think it’s 6 or 8. So if you leave every 9th game, the penalty never goes up from 10 minutes. This is why I’ve had multiple disconnects in a DAY but had it be 10 minutes each time.

Oh so now we’re complaining about things we dont even have a basic working knowledge of.

Par for the course.

At least know how the leaver system works before whining about it. Giant yikes bro

Do less. Talking isnt your thing.

or they could make guilds and segregate que’s into solo que only and group only and you can play with people you trust to not D/C :slight_smile:

lolz so now it’s every NINE games instead of every one smdh…yea let me know how leaving every 9 games goes as far as SR climb.

Oh I agree wholeheartedly

You have multiple throw away accounts. I’m not sure how this is hard for your brain to understand. Muting thread. Can’t explain this to a newt.

Teenage mutant keyboard warrior confirmed.

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yikes…embarrassing how toxic you are!!! makes sense at that sr range

and those multiple accounts would be banned for a season after throwing…why is this such a hard concept for you?!? Not to mention like 1% might do this and just b/c you would does not mean others would.

Thats some olympic levels of irony right there.

Do less

lolz another meaningless comment?! hope your day gets better bahahaha

enjoy that rank

Thank you for proving my point :+1:

Most smurfs have multiple alt accounts. Rotating leaves prevents any one account from being banned.

Suspension tiers fall off after 6-8 matches, they simply re-trigger the 10 minute suspension at that point

Also, on console, alt accounts are free and unlimited.

This is why you dont actually know what youre talking about

You can troll as much as you want, but if you were half as concerned with being correct as you are with being right, none of your posts would be necessary :man_shrugging:

ehhh…try again lolz teh fact that you have to say a game range really does show how little you know how the system works :wink:

try again

Ah so you really are here just to troll. You dont actually care about the discussion. Cool.