Fitzyhere & WorstSombra (top 500 sombra mains) "Definite Nerf" 😥


I added my reasons in the post you replied to


Also, if these changes go through as is, she will still remain at the bottom of pick and win rate. I guarantee it.


That seems a bit extreme to me. Imagine if I had threatened to uninstall every time Mercy got nerfed after HER rework…

  1. You only said that fitzy “underperformed”, wich btw is something completely subjective and even more considering it is PTR…
  2. You can “guarantee” whatever you want but everything you said still makes little sense as it has barely been a few hours since they added those changes, so instead of whining in forums go and try the heroe for yourself for enough time to give Blizzard valid feedback and not just bullsh*t babycry


well that would be unfair of your part as she is even after all the changes the best healer without any kind of doubt. Pretty much 100% pickrate in OWL.


You dont get it, the is counter to her playsytle the initial first hack was never a problem is her teamfight ability, you cant restealth during a teamfight because theres a huge delay and theres a good chance your translocator will be destroyed leaving you no way to defend yourself except die.


Mightyy, another big Sombra main, also made a video on his channel showing it’s 100% a nerf to her.


They also nerfed the audio for Translocator; you’ll be able to hear it and know where it is even easier now.


These Sombra changes have broken my heart. Sombra was one of my favourite heroes to play but looks like she’ll be off the roster for me now. My main concerns were her bugs, speed, and interruptible stealth; none of which was addressed. These nerfs are just so disappointing, I don’t know what to say.


Explain Hanzo. Explain Roadhog. Explain Ana. Explain Mercy. Explain Bastion.


Hanzo is strong because of the meta. Dive still eats him alive

The meta is what makes hog bad not him. he was amazing in pick comp before brig was introduced and reduced the game to 6 playable heros.

ana was the best healer in the game for a long time. she got nerfed because people hated triple tank. She is not weak because her kit is bad, she is weak because Mercy and Zen are just that good.

Bastion is a niche hero, there are many of them, designed for specific situations, and in those situations they excel, a trade off is not being good in every situation.


No she is not dumbass. She is way less viable, than she is now on live. Dont say “MIMI SHE IS STRONGER, CUZ I HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT WHATS GOING ON” She is objectivly worse for people, who arent bad at her.


Dude. You cant just throw down your trans anymore in a position, where its not easily seen. The trans can be heard from about 20m. That is horrific!


CAN WE PLEASE JUST GET A STRAIGHT UP BUFF INSTEAD OF “BALANCING” WTF. Half of the negative stuff wasnt even mentioned on the forums so i was really hyped and now what do i get. Another nerf thats packaged in a pretty box with a buff tag on it. Please just let a b!tch live and let Sombra enjoy a couple of buffs and bug fixes without being simultaneously nerfed to a point where the buffs are irrelevant.


Wow they made it louder too? So there’s 4 written nerfs and one stealth nerf? Damn…


Geoff Goodman said this was going to happen. In his post a few days ago.


Dive eats everyone alive, so that isn’t an argument. In fact, Hanzo is one of the heroes best able to survive since he can scale walls and has a low-cooldown, far-reaching leap. He also doesn’t need to fear winston anymore. Hanzo has all of the strengths of a sniper, and none of the weaknesses.

Yet again, wasn’t talking about meta, but Blizzard’s decision-making abilities. I was referring to roadhog being changed to because Blizzard deemed his “one-shot” ability unacceptable…only to give him mobility while still retaining the ability to “one-shot.” So, what was their reason for changing him again?

Ana is, and always been, the best healer in terms of output, so I don’t know what you are trying to say here. As for her being bad, it is one-hundred percent because of her abilities having low cooldowns and a complete lack of mobility. Mobility they refuse to give her because she is a sniper and they want her to have a clear weakness. Yet, Hanzo and Widowmaker, actual snipers, get tons more mobility. They actually contradicted themselves when they gave Hanzo more mobility because he was deemed too vulnerable to focus fire.

The one helpful change they gave her, which she should have had the very beginning and I do not know why she didn’t, was not having her teammates blcok her shots. Two years after her release. And she still has to deal with teammates blocking her grenades.

How long someone does something does not mean they are good at it. It especially doesn’t mean their decision-making skills are infallible. If you did something subpar for 20 years, you will continue to do a subpar job. So, bringing up experience is useless here. This is my first Blizzard game, so I cannot speak much of how things were with the other games they have released, but I have read about many a questionable decision made in their other games, namely Diablo 3.


Check out this video in the OP he does a good job showing how much this hurts her.

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Not even close.

Sombra is a trash hero right now and these ‘buffs’ actually don’t help her at all in any scenario. Instead, they reduce the effectiveness of her overall kit and abilities making her even worse than she currently is.

Ana got an ammo buff and the firing through enemies change is subjective.

This is objectively worse than live Sombra.


Before thse changes if someone found your translocator, you were dead anyway. So what’s the difference? Also, if they destroy it, you might not even die.