Fitzyhere’s interview on Sombra NERF


Fitzy for president :clap:
Listen to this man, Blizz. He knows a thing or two about Sombra.


He’s a QA tester. He looks at things with less bias than the average player, naturally.


Off: Why are you talking to the same Sombra haters the same things? They are not listening to you. They think this is a buff to , in their eyes, an already op character, and they wont change their minds.

They want Sombra to be shiet forever.


literally nothing to do with the time it takes to get off genjis combo.

sombra can literally hack genji out of dash before it finishes. how would it be possible for him to do his combo in less time if she can hack him out of it. if genjis combo was as fast as you are claiming this wouldn’t be possible. You may feel like its less than a second, because it is fast, but it isn’t.

yeah cooldowns exist. one hack is usually enough, there is no need to be spamming it. she has it every time she engages.

You don’t have to emp to shut down pirate ship. you can just hack the bastion over and over. theres a reason orisa halting him off the cart is enough to stop it. much less taking him completely out of turret form.

a) you call out hacked targets, everyone shoots them, they die. You aren’t going to convince me that 5 seconds of being hacked isn’t enough when a rien can die literally in the time he is bashed by brig through healing if you coordinate and jump on him together.

B) this sounds like a you are upset for being counterplayed? if 3 healers jump on a hero genji is trying to kill they are gonna live too. its called peel, it works when any hero is attacking another outside of being headshot by a sniper.

Okay we can stop bringing up 300 hours of widow on this account alone I have 23 hours, and I have about 200 hours on my main, not to mention my other accounts. I was a widow main before I played genji, and I play her at a diamond level, I understand her kit pretty well.

Now that that is out the way the thing about widow is, she is away from the team fight. she needs to do more to get value. on the other side of that, once you have gotten 1 pick you have done your job as far as evening the fight, its not all no you, the team has to pull their weight. to justify a widow pick you need 2 kills in a fight. that’s it. and that is not a lot to ask of a dps.

sombra really only needs a good value hack and maybe one kill to justify her pick.


because you aren’t picking tracer and playing from widow range. that’s how.

no, but they aren’t playing out of their range the entire game, and people tend to pick heros that are viable in comps or on certain maps. youre not gonna pick reaper in a sniper comp.

if you pick tracer and play from sniper range sure, but if you are picking viable heros based on map and comp probably not.

You don’t pick McCree in a dive comp and say oh man his damage is just so low because it takes you forever to catch up with the team.

yeah meaning it makes them more viable on certain maps and in certain comps. not that they do more damage.


I don’t know where the disconnect is, and what’s making it so you don’t understand.


Multiple heroes are having their range when they start experiencing falloff increased:

In it:


  • Configuration: Sentry and Configuration: Recon - Minimum damage at max range increased from 30% to 50%.


  • Peacekeeper - Minimum damage at max range increased from 30% to 50%

So on. Mei also got a complete removal of falloff, Soldier also had his minimum damage at max range increased, etc.

If you still think that more damage from more ranges means they’re not capable of doing more overall damage, then…I have no words for you. lol.


key word:

here are the raw stats for the damage between them

Damage per pellet
Tracer: 1.5-6 damage
Sombra: 2.4-8

Damage falloff:
Tracer: starts at 11 meters
Sombra: starts at 15 meters

Rate of fire
Tracer: 20 rounds per second
Sombra: 20 rounds per second

Spread angle:
Tracer: 2.6

Reload time:
Tracer: 1.25 seconds
Sombra: 1.5 seconds

like I said. there damage is almost the same.


That is not almost the same lol. Per bullet, that’s a pretty significant difference.


It’s incomparably harder to track someone for 3 seconds against strafing target when you have only one chance to do so compared to X oportunities Tracer has. Tracer will do much more because she is able to sustain in the fight.


it is literally impossible in optimal conditions, for them to do more damage. if you go headshot for headshot on live at the range they are supposed to on live and ptr they still do the same damage.

If McCree stands a food away from someone on live and hits a head shot, he does the same damage as ptr. the damage output is not any higher than before. The. Range. Is.


You realise Tracer dual wields, right?


that’s fine I didn’t say that, but to say sombras primary fire is weak is to say tracers primary is weak by the numbers. its not the primary at all.



They can do the same things they are doing now, and do more from farther away.

How does that not equal more overall damage.

If anyone can chime in and tell me if I’m just crazy here.


you realize that doesn’t change the stats. she still fires the same rate and the same damage.


it means that she really fires her entire clip in one second



the raw numbers don’t go up. they just work from different ranges.


you don’t understand numbers. she is not firing 2 guns at this rate. HER OVERALL FIRE RATE AND NUMBERS ARE THIS. You guys don’t understand the data apparently.


The point that this person is trying to get across, is that if you were to fire from the same ranges, you will do more damage on PTR than you will on live. Therefore, increasing their overall damage.


Tracer fires 40 rounds per second and does a max of 240 bodyshot DPS at point blank. Like, go start the game up, hold down +attack, and see how long it takes to fire all 40 bullets. I guarantee you it’s 1 second, not 2.

Sombra fires 20 rounds per second and does a max of 160 bodyshot DPS if all bullets land. These are the statistically and factually accurate DPS calculations with perfect accuracy factored in.


and if you continue, sombra reloads slower, further making her lower in damage compared to tracer