First glance looks at the new experimental (June 23, 2020)

Alright, less spam. It will affect how much consistent ultimate charge Ashe will get.

I can’t wait to see the flame war with this one.
Overall it completely removes pre-emptive armor packing. Though Brigitte players finally got a shield HP buff, the changes to it most likely out-weigh the benefits for them.

Though not to the degree of 30% movement that some D.Va players have been looking for, I believe this will make chasing as D.Va easier and more worth it in some cases. The buff to Defense Matrix will cause some players to be warier of it. While the Micro Missles will enable faster kills in some cases.

They made Junkrat’s double mine jump work better with its new projectile speed and made it so you get to the fight faster after blowing up the RIP-Tire. This is an absolute win for Junkrat players.