First game of the day guaranteed win

as the title says, everytime i get on OW for the first time in the day and queue comp, 99% of the time its a win. i dont even play that well yet it just feels easy. is this done on purpose? to hook you into playing for longer?

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Nah, trust me. I lose those. I am that guy. Just built different.


I wouldn’t say the same happened last night. More like we won by the skin of our teeth.

I think you’re just subconsciously looking to notice things that indicate blizzard being conniving


probably, but it does feel a little odd to consistently win those games. it seems like a smart strategy for the matchmaking anyway

Your tin foil cap has some holes in it, it’s not working properly!

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Lol well I don’t play comp but I’m the person who jumps on and my first match is usually a backfill it’s sort of weird.

How often do you play ?

At some point, MMR decay applies and it might explain why you feel that.

Imo time of day playing also has an impact. I feel like the later I play, the worse the games are.

But no, my first games of a day aren’t guaranteed wins.

By design. Bait and switch. You might quit right away, if you don’t start your sessions with a win.

my first game today had two leavers after a series of lost team fights, because apparently we weren’t getting smoked quite enough as it was, so idk from what hole you’re pulling this theory


Na your better then you think man.

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it probably is. I say that based on the evidence of patents and the company’s entire focus on rigging the experience. It’s a costmetic-shop guised as a game, with algs that tailor your outcomes for engagement, monetization, and when you’re used up? churn.

it will never be satisfactory until they post the code or show some dev working at their office multi-monitor IDE livestream on ttv where chat helps them with their fizzbuzz or w/e takes them so long.

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Might be because it’s a different time of day and that changes what your MMR means and how rested the people are.

That would be literally impossible though
Since everyone cant win at once

pretty much every day give or take a few

I lose all the time on my first game of the day. Just a couple days ago it took me 3 games to get first win of the day when I was trying to finish out the BP and I was making note because I was so close to the end.

What the heck? I’m not getting this special treatment. I guess I’m on the super-secret list Blizzard keeps of people who get bad matches.

Edit: Checked the patents. They specifically reference me in the list of people they hate. Turns out the list isn’t so secret. Everyone should read those patents. They include a three page confession to a number of crimes (including war crimes!) and a page from a coloring book.

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